What Is Incognito And How Does It Is Useful For SEO Person

uses of incognito

Incognito mode is launched by Google, in December 2008. It is a privacy option in chrome that is used to disable web cache and browsing history. People usually use it when they have a fear of getting caught visiting porn website.

For those people who think that incognito mode give them complete privacy and they can open any web page and no one will know about it they are completely wrong. Your Internet service provider will always know that what website and web page you open and when. So, you can only hide from your mom using incognito mode, but not from the police and subpoenas. If someone in your office is monitoring all the activities from a central location and you open any website that is not appropriate they will at once know where you navigated to.

But of you are using it for your personal day to day purpose this is one of the best privacy mode one can have. This will help you hide things from your family or friends.


Internet Searches

Understanding Internet Searches:

Anytime you search something on your computer the history of that search is stored on your computer’s browser history and anyone can see it easily. The cache on the other hand, stores the copy of that web page so that next time you want to open that web page you can easily do it faster. Web browser, then creates cookies that store the specific information used by the user and authentication data.

But what is the use of incognito mode? How one can use it and protect their information from the world?


social profile site

Check Social Media Profiles:

Imagine how it looks like when someone else checks your social media profile. If it’s open in front of you, you will never feel bad but if your personal data is used by someone else of course you will not feel good. Open your Google+, Facebook profile, Tumblr page, Twitter feed, WordPress blog, etc. and check out which data on your Newsfeed is visible to the general public and which not. Every social media network has their own privacy setup, but if you use incognito mode, it will help you check your blog or social media profile quickly. Also, no one will be able to open your private data when they use your personal computer or laptop.


Help keeping secrets on a shared computer

Help Keeping Secrets on a Shared Computer:

Incognito is a big help when you want doing online shopping for your kids or want to buy a pair of earrings for your wife. Usually your data is saved on the computers when you put something on the computer and if someone around you opens that browser all your private data will come in front of you. But if you use incognito mode all your shared data will be forgotten as soon as you close the window and no one will ever track your shared data who share the same computer. You can easily be able to give surprise to your family by ordering gift for them online.

In short, if you are using a public computer in order to do something important, then using incognito mode is a big help. Use incognito mode to do anything of a sensitive nature. Everything you do in will be vanished as soon as you closed your browser window.

When a friend wants to use your computer:

If your friend wants to check something important on your computer, you can let them check by opening incognito mode window and let you’re your social media network page sign inn at the back of the scene. And also there will be no embarrassing auto-fill suggestion when they will use the search bar to search something.

When you need to search something important and private:

When you need to look up your bank account or want to check your medical report that you won’t be able to share with anyone or do job searches without letting your coworkers know about it. Incognito mode is a big help.


Helps When you visit a site:

If you visit a website that you don’t want anyone know then using incognito mode is always a good idea. By this way, no one will know what you saw last as the history of the computer will clear as soon as you close the browser. Really, there are hundreds of reasons to keep something private and by using incognito mode, you can easily be able to hide something from your friends and family.

Checking something on a shared computer is not an easy task, especially when you want to do something important and your computer is not available nearby. But if you use incognito mode before opening your personal data no one will be able to check what you open last. But always keep in mind where there are advantages of something there are also some disadvantages and incognito mode is not 100% secure. It is necessary that you must be very careful when using your personal data on some shared computer.

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