The Most Romantic Of Creatures In The Whole Animal Kingdom

The head of a horse with a huge belly and tail is no other but a sea horse, found in the depths of the worlds’ oceans. They usually fall under the class of fish, with curly tail and bristled body. Not just a fish the whole dried sea horse for sale is another wonderful medicine addressing several human deficiencies. They are caught and dried in sun before making medicine, the larger the size of a seahorse the more effective it is known to be.

Increasing Virility

The dried sea horses carries the characteristics that are sweet yet warm and are well linked to the liver and kidney functionalities, as per the Chinese medicinal believes. Apart from these the sea horse powder is best for treating asthma, throat infection sleep disorders and lower body pain. Sea horse are known as the powerful sex inducing agent that enhances the sexual stamina of the men, another use of seahorse is the application on skin to treat various infections and sores

The Dosage And Advice

The amounts of sea horse to be consumed is based on the condition that needs to be treated, the traditional dosage may vary from 3 to 9 grams added to boiling water and drunk. If the sea horse is taken in the powder form lesser doses are advised. To fight weakness experts recommend a mix of 3 grams thrice a day. The dried and whole seahorses can be easily available through online shopping portals and herbal shops while powder is obtained in the form of capsules

The seahorse must be avoided in the phases of pregnancy, or for the patients who are deficient to yin while longer uses of sea horse at higher doses may lead to kidney failure. Before consumption of any such dose make sure to take advice from the expert medical practitioner.

The seahorses have been into practice for Chinese medicines as cure for sexual disabilities in combination to rice wine, with herbs or in soups as a source of boosting sexual performance. Instead of reducing its attraction, the seahorses have appeared to encourage a greater increase in demand for the weakness remedies as a cheap alternative as compared to the western drug.

Trade And Ecological Impact

Millions of sea horses are traded across the world, 60 % more as compared to the 1990s era while on the other hand the ecologists are yet concerned that the higher trading are making the creatures an endangered species

Since more than quarter of the world’s trade arise from the Hong Kong regions. While it’s sarcastic; in taking advantage for the seahorse as source to boost sexual performance, from anything the male species are more to the feminine side than any other in the animal kingdom.

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