Adding Detail to Illustration Design: The Best Vector Brush Sets for Illustrator

Finding the right set of brushes for your drawing can surely be taxing but if you were given the choice to acquire a full set of brushes that provide you with dynamism, what would you do then? Adobe Illustrator is the almost choice of every digital designer out there but if you want to bring more appeal to your art then you would definitely have to resort to using brushes. These do not only add texture but also enhance the intricate details of your drawing by giving it a personality.

You might be thinking of contacting the best fantasy illustration agency that you can find for rendering the artwork required for your mythical creature book but do not fret as you can try out Adobe Illustrator yourself. All you need to do is make the most of these five tools and you are good to go.

Vector Brush Toolbox

Designed by RetroSupply this toolbox contains six brush packs that contain a total number of 200 vector brushes along with the sponge tool, charcoal texture, and watercolor brushes. This bundle is the go-to package for several professional out there. The original cost is $79 but since it is available at a discounted price of $49 then that makes it a real steal. If you are looking for guidelines and references for how to use these brushes then you should not fret as the package itself contains a comprehensive sheet of Adobe Illustrator brush use references.

Finest Vintage Brushes Collection

Vintage artwork has been recognized for decades and if you want to add a flair of retroism to your illustration then look no further as you can rely on the vintage brushes collection by The Artifex Forge. This set mostly contains ink, hatch and outline brushes that provide you with delicate strokes for filling up the extra details on your line art. The multiple line brushes option does not consume a lot of your time as it lets you draw more than one brush lines at once. The range of brushes is not only vast but it is also incorporated with touch sensitivity if you happen to be using a tablet.

Liquid Style Brushes

A great and handy brush collection bundle designed by The Artifex Forge, this bundle focuses more on liquid style brushes. At the price of only $19, you are given the ability to design illustrations having the trendy liquid style aesthetics. Containing over 80 unique brush styles, you can customize the shape and size as per your choice. Similar to the Vintage Brushes collection, this package is optimized for tablet uses with the sensitivity pressure feature as well.

Grain Shader Brush Set

Made by True Grit Texture Supply, this brush bundle contains over 25 diverse brushes that can be used for adding shade and texture to your illustration. It becomes arduous to add drop shadows and gradients to your digital drawing as you would have to add every intricate detail using various brushes. However, the Grain Shader set is made to save you time and simplifies the process of illustration design. This set also contains texture sets that you can use to add subtle or bold effects to enhance the appeal.

Vector Light Effect Brush Set

Created by Transfuchsian, this brush set is an add-on for Adobe Illustrator that lets you make brush strokes with unique light effects. Having 36 light effect brushes, you can use these to design your vector drawing with ease. Translucent and luminous effects bring out an alluring appeal in a drawing, therefore, this brush set is a great choice if you want to add some additional details to your artwork. This package also comes with three brush sets, each having 11 brushes with different styles. Since it costs $14, if you want to work on the aesthetics of your illustration, you can surely depend upon these glowing brushes.

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