The upside of learning online

Physical classrooms have their own disadvantages.

The regular transportation costs, access to limited institutions, geographical barriers, time wastage, are some of the challenges that students cannot overcome in offline education.

But thanks to the internet, online learning comes to the rescue like a knight in shining armor.

With zero transport and infrastructure cost, online learning has brought about a revolution in education in the entire world, opening more opportunities for students who faced time, place, or privacy barriers in their pursuit of knowledge.

The following points explain how an online course can be a better choice as compared to an offline course, provided the platform of instruction doesn’t compromise the quality of education.

Reduced costs

It is true that conducting business online requires little to no investment.

The cost of infrastructure and transport that emerges out of the need to set up and meet at a common physical venue for learning has been completely eliminated with the advent of digital platforms.

No to mention that with those fixed costs thrown out of the window, the price of the course itself becomes more affordable for students.

For teachers, it means more students will sign up for the course and for students, it means more networking within the class.

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Wider access to knowledge

The internet has made the world a smaller place.

While you can use your WiFi to connect with friends in different countries, without spending a penny on travel, you can do the same with teachers and coaches on a global level.

The best advantage of online education is that it has removed the physical barriers of education all over the world.

No matter which city, state or country you are in, all you need is a mobile and an internet connection to start learning from the world’s best coaches.

It’s literally like an educational buffet for students.

Not to mention that with the option to learn from the comfort of your home, mobility barriers prove no hindrance anymore.


With daily commute out of the way, students can easily save their precious hours and utilize them for good.

Apart from that, there is no more hopping from one coaching center to another, every other class is just a few clicks away.

Online courses also give students the ability to schedule their timetables according to their own needs.

This means that students can not only learn at their own time but also learn at their own pace.

All these benefits allow students to pack more in an hour than what could have ever been possible with physical classrooms.

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More bang for your buck

With all the reduction on unnecessary costs, the courses become more affordable, the timetables become more efficient, and the learning becomes the real hero.

While live online courses offer students the advantages of face-to-face interaction and real-time query-resolution, the recorded courses offer students the advantages of replaying a lecture and learning in parts, at their desired time.

Juggling between tasks, keeping up with the lesson and taking notes simultaneously has never been easier before.

In technical courses, like CHFI course, or Machine Learning course, learning at your own pace can prove to be of extreme importance.

Another major unprecedented benefit of online training has been the review and recommendation system.

With student reviews embedded with each course, it becomes easier to make an informed decision about the course and coach selection.

All these factors have considerably shaped the mass sentiment of students in favor of online courses.

Some of the tops demanded courses like Graphic Design, Data Science, Certified Ethical Hacker Certification are now being undertaken online by students all across the globe.

Despite such crystal clear benefits, it is a shame that many students and parents still show resistance to online learning.

With top companies like Google encouraging students to pursue 6 month online degrees and considering them equal to a 4-year college degree at the time of recruitment, the dynamic seems to be truly changing.

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