5 Exciting Gift Ideas for Your Loved Ones Who Love BAKING — Know their Functions Too!

Baking is one worthwhile hobby, but if you have someone who knows it better and who loves it more than you do, you will tell yourself that you’d rather be munching on their baked goodies!

If your mom bakes every week, you probably cannot stay loyal to your diet plans.

Match that with your sister who recently got into baking and who’s been practicing it during weekends!

Maybe you have a friend who isn’t a professional cook, but all his pastries taste top-notch. Or your aunt could be a retired banker who now enjoys the craft as part of the family’s lifestyle!

Whoever that baking-loving loved one is, you are indeed blessed to be one of the regular recipients of their mouth-watering chucks!

You can’t deny that most often, you don’t really have any contribution to them aside from tasting their confectionery products and commenting about how delicious they are.

Well, that’s a good role you got there! But you can express some more appreciation by giving them presents that will make their baker hearts happy! 

If you don’t have much ideas about what to give them, yet you want to make your gifts unique, this list is here to help you!

Know these exciting gift ideas for your loved ones who love baking. Discover how these items can be of great use to them, so you can assure they will love them!


Staying safe and sanitary is a top priority in the kitchen.

Let your loved ones value not just baking but also keeping all their yummy delicacies clean and healthful!

Wrap them an apron to wrap themselves with! To make it more special, have it personalized! 

There are many apron types, but not all of them are suitable for bakers. Some aprons are designed for commercial kitchen use such as in restaurants, hospitals and coffee shops.

In particular, some are for chefs and for servers. If your giftees are bakers, and they are baking at home, a bib apron must be your pick!

As you notice, baking is associated with a lot of beautiful mess. With its full-covering feature, a bib apron’s sole purpose is to shield the baker from splatters and stains on the clothes.

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In baking, it’s difficult to keep washing hands because the ingredients are usually sticky.

When the hands are filled with dough and other baking matter and liquids, an apron is there to easily wipe them.

Bib aprons are designed with pockets, so bakers can keep frequently used items and save time and effort. With an apron, your baker loved one can have more convenient time.

Gifting a custom-made apron for them is so exciting for you and for the recipient.

You can have their aprons embroidered or screen-printed with their names, with their selfie, or with their pet’s photo!

Make their aprons become a fashion statement by having them tailor-made with their very own favorite chic prints! If you always hear a baking motto from them, that’s a fun idea! 

There are loads of ways to customize a baker’s apron, and they will all be functional and pleasant!

Given that you have a lot of time to prepare, you yourself can hand paint a bib apron too!  


Many bakers do not really use measuring devices. Instead, they go for the “feeling” and “estimation”. 

Even when you see that their style is effective, don’t be reluctant to give them actual measuring spoons to aid them!

These are fundamentally applied to quantify volumes of liquids and solid baking components like baking powder, sugar, and bread flour. With these measuring spoons, your beloved chefs can learn more precision in baking. 

There are many color selections, and it would be dazzling if you give them their favorites.

Add zest to their baking gadgets by following the trends. Pastel-colored baking tools are popular today, but they are perfect for any season! 

They are not vibrant and flashy but are soft and gentle to the eyes. They sprinkle some elegance into the baking scene as well, paving way for a more aesthetic kitchen beauty.  


Though your fella bakers can buy their own flours for baking, having someone gift them these is something they are surely grateful for! 

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What you must know is that all flours are different from each other. All-purpose flour, whole wheat flour, bakers flour, self-rising flour, bread flour, almond flour, pastry flour, cake flour, gluten-free flour are there to name some. 

All-purpose flour is also considered plain flour; it is moderately rich in protein. Cake flour is obviously for baking cakes.  Bread flour is for rolls and breads. Whole wheat flour has a dark color and a more dense quality for producingscrumptious baked nibbles. Pastry flour is for the flaky polish of crackers, scones and pies.

Know the breads, muffins, cookies, pizzas, cakes and other goodies they love to baking, so with your nice presents, you can support them to enjoy this activity even more! 


The glee that embraces baking is not only felt but also seen! Cookie cutters have always been classic baking tools that pep up every grub! 

Many ordinary shapes and traditional forms are present, but how about buying cartoon character-shaped cookie cutters for your dear bakers?! Note down their well-liked cartoons. These cookie cutters will make special occasions more noteworthy and will brighten those dull days! 

If you are choosing these as gifts, know that there are diverse sorts of materials that compose them. Stainless steel cookie cutters’ shapes don’t distort quickly which allows bakers to form dough more accurately. Cutting complex portions is more convenient too. Copper cookie cutters are durable. Intricate details are concentrated better. Plastic cookie cutters are the best selection for affordability. Their flexibility is a huge boon.

Molding striking sugar cookies is possible with these cutters. Bakers can efficiently make use of the dough since they can allot the spaces as necessary. Residuals will be lessened. Cookies which are cut using these items will save space in containers.


With bare hands and a lot of hand power, flattening dough is possible! But imagine how easier the job is with a rolling pin! It’s fantastic!  

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Rolling pins are very useful baking tools that allow bakers to work faster. They are long tube-shaped kitchen apparatus which are basically for rolling out all types of dough and for pulverizing biscuits, crusts, wafers and breadcrumbs. There are other alternatives to rolling pins, but using them is most appropriate. 

Wood is the most famous material for rolling pins, but others like marble, glass, silicone and porcelain are available too. There are various sizes suitable for specific uses. 

The bakers you know might already own a regular one, so take a step out of the conventional and out of the standard! Go for textured rolling pins to impress your giftees and make them wow. 

Textured pins come with patterns and designs. They turn plain into extraordinary! With these, the food products are made more distinct. It’s blissful to jazz up the dough with the prettiest lines and patterns you want for your darling bakers. Get them a set, so they have more options! These rolling pins add fun to the baking process, too, allowing bakers to design their creations as with a stamp and a glam! 



Regardless if it’s a birthday, an anniversary, a remarkable milestone or just a seemingly ordinary day, these gift ideas will make a day lovelier for your baker loved ones. 

And oh, don’t miss the chance to give them something special during the World Baking Day! Gladly celebrate the wonder of the art of baking!

With these heartfelt gifts, you can definitely bake a smile for all the bakers you love! 



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