Windows 10 Recovery Partition

Windows 10 Recovery Partition

To solve the problem we can use a free tool like the one offered by EaseUS Partition Master or also AOMEI Partition Assistant. Once installed and executed, in the case of EaseUS we look for the hard disk drive its interface and we right click on the hard drive or on one of the partitions (which will normally appear as ‘Unallocated ‘). Now we open the upper tab of Wizard> Partition Recovery Wizard, we choose Automatic Recovery and it will start looking for the ones that have been deleted or are lost and will show them. After choosing the one we are interested in, we will give next and then proceed in the next screen to start the quick windows 10 recovery partition.

What is the Windows 10 Recovery Partition?

Windows 10 is the famous computer operating system. This operating system has received many positive reviews in its initial release. Like other operating systems, the hard drive in Windows 10 system can be divided into several logical sections called as partitions. The partitions can be created to keep all the files and folders in an effective way so that it will be very easy to access more. it is sometimes possible that you lose those partitions from Windows 10 because of that are mentioned above.

The loss of the windows 10 recovery disk is really a serious and terrible disaster for those whose proper solution has to be carried out for the recovery of the partition. In such situation utilization, they make software Partition Recovery Software to recover partitions from Windows 10. As this tool has a user-friendly interface even a person with technical can least understand the recovery steps and recover partitions from Windows 10. This tool executes Windows 10 hard drive to locate the inaccessible partition.

Years ago when you bought a computer they gave you a CD or DVD with Windows in case you wanted to format it and put it as newly purchased. Over time the DVDs were small because Microsoft had to put in them also all the trash of test applications that put now. Then they came up with the idea of “hijacking” a part of our hard drive and putting Windows there with all its companions, test and so on, instead of giving us a DVD. Well, that part of the hard drive they kidnap has been growing friend’s computer, which will be about 4 years ago that I buy it, it’s already 29GB.

This part of the windows 10 recovery disk is very good, because as hard drives have much more capacity than DVDs can put there what they want, but they are passing ten villages. We have reached a point where, at least in the case of my friend’s computer, between the Recovery partition and the installation, you run out of 50 or 55 GB of hard space and after that, you have to install your programs.

Causes Responsible for Loss / Deletion Windows 10 Partitions:

  • If the partition becomes RAW due to corrupted filesystem after virus infections, then you need to format the unit of force
  • The existence of any type of interruptions when the divider is performed or the existing hard disk size change can lead to unintentional deletion of the partition
  • Unplanned partition removal in Windows 10 to use disk space for the new partition
  • The use of the untrustworthy third-party tool for divider / repartitioning
  • Other factors such as the occurrence of formatting and formatting errors, using the unsecured program in Windows 10 system drive, the reinstallation of the operating system, etc., can lead to damage of Windows 10 partitions.

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