How To Include Wikipedia In Your Content Marketing Strategy

Wikipedia content marketing

When it comes to marketing, Wikipedia plays a significant role in promoting your business besides of its strict non-promotional nature of the content. It has a writing style of its own, and anyone is welcome to contribute as a Wikipedia writer. This is the only reason many businesses overlook its many benefits when it comes to marketing. However, it can be one of the most powerful forms of marketing if done correctly.

There are three major steps you need to consider when considering Wikipedia as a marketing tool.

  • Creating a Wikipedia page
  • Wikipedia backlinks
  • Monitoring your Wikipedia page

Other than these, you can also use Wikipedia sister projects as a content marketing strategy. Let’s discuss these steps in detail

Creating Wikipedia page

  • Who Qualifies For A Wikipedia Page?

In order to have a Wikipedia page, you must be notable according to Wikipedia notability guidelines. Notability is a general criterion that Wikipedia writers and editors use to determine if your topic is worthy of having a Wikipedia page.

  • How To Be Notable?

According to the notability guidelines, your article must be able to have in-depth coverage and reliable sources of information. It should have briefs, quotes, or a simple backlink that can qualify as a significant source of information for Wikipedia.

By reliable sources, Wikipedia means to have accuracy and factual information that can be agreed with. However, Wikipedia writers might not always have to agree on what qualifies as an authentic source. These sources may include renowned magazines, journals, news sources, etc.

  • Other Guidelines

Apart from being notable for a Wikipedia page, your article must have a conflict of interest, neutral point of view and civility.

Wikipedia Backlinks

Wikipedia backlinks might be no-follow; however, they carry some weight. These links can make your brand more visible and build link diversity. As Google itself provides Wikipedia a lot of authenticity, its backlinks provide a lot of benefit to your business despite being a no-follow link.

If you are thinking of adding a backlink to your article, it is necessary to keep in mind:

  • When using your link in the article, make sure to add it in the context instead of the external links section.
  • Make sure that the external links and citation necessary to make your article credible contains authentic information to support your content. Links in Wikipedia are used for external references not as anchor text or directory links.
  • Make sure that the citation links you provide are from a reliable source. If your links are not authentic or dependable, your article will likely be reported as spam.
Monitoring Your Wikipedia Page

After successfully creating your Wikipedia page, it is highly important to keep a close lookout for the possible changes. After all, Wikipedia is a free encyclopedia, and everyone is welcome to edit the content.

It is not necessary to check your presence every day. Wikipedia enables you to keep track of possible changes in your content so you can be notified whenever a change takes place. You can do this from one of the three ways in the list.

  • Enable Notifications

When you create a Wikipedia page, you must have logged in or signed up for a Wikipedia account. Once you have signed up for it, make sure to turn on your notifications to track your changes.

Click on “preferences” tab on the right of the page and toggle on the notifications. Finally, adjust the settings to receive notification    ns. This also enables you to update the information on the page or edit any possible edit that had happened without your consent.

  • Adding Your Page To The Watch List

It is simple to add your page to the watchlist. Look for the star at the top right corner of the article and click on it. Moreover, if you want to add the article on the watchlist to check notifications, you can simply click the “watchlist” tab on the top right.

However, you must understand that the notifications you will receive will only tell you about the possible changes. Once you receive an email, it is your choice to change the edits or not.

Use Wikipedia Sister Projects

Most people do not know the organizational structure of Wikipedia. It is actually run by a non-profit organization known as Wikimedia foundation and has many projects that a business must consider as a part of Wikipedia marketing strategy.

Some of the sister projects of Wikipedia include:

  • Wikidata
  • Wikimedia Commons
  • Wikibooks
  • Wikiversity and more

With all the benefits of using Wikipedia as a marketing strategy, it is high time for businesses to consider its importance and integrate it as a part of their content marketing strategy. There are many ways in which you can take advantage of Wikipedia as a powerful marketing tool that can help you in establishing your brand.

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