Types of Travel Bags and Tags – What Should You Look For in a Travel Bag?

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Luggage is one of the most essential things to keep when traveling. People around the world have started traveling more and this has led to increased demand of luggage. However, different types of travel bags serve different purposes. If you are looking to learn about different types of travel bags, then in this article, we are going to reveal the most common types of luggage and tags. In addition, we will reveal the factors to consider when buying a luggage. Read along to discover everything:


The Popular Types of Travelling Bags

We have gathered the most popular types of traveling bags that you can choose. Each offers distinct benefits. You can check how to differ from each other in term of features and offering:


Wheeled Travel Bag

Wheeled travel bag facilitates traveling more than any different bag. This type of wholesale travel bags helps customers from physical exhaustion of carrying bags on shoulder. In addition, with having this bag, customers can climb a staircase and walk hassle freely.

Wheeled Duffel

Sportsmen and sportswomen prefer this type of bag. This bag creates ease in traveling as you can roll them anywhere you go.

Duffel Bag

The duffle bag is lighter than others are. These type of bags do not offer easy dragging as other bags do. Duffle bags come in a variety of choices. Above all, these bags can be kept hassle-freely by means of folding. Duffel bag can be stored even in the smallest places.

Laptop Bag

Laptop bags have become common these days. These bags offer a safe way to keep and carry laptop. Moreover, this type of bag is based on padded compartment, ensuring a laptop is secured against jerks. In addition, there are different compartments in laptop bags, which can help in keeping various things organized.

Wheeled Bag Backpack

These bags are considered as the most convenient ones. These bags can make traveling an easy and convenient experience. A customer can place a wheeled backpack bag on his/her back. In addition, the wheels can be used to carry this bag when traveling on foot for long distance.

Bag for Weekend

The weekend bag is one of the most convenient bags that can come into handy for a one-day trip. This bag is often utilized for weekend trips. Although this bag is not a suitcase, due to its rectangular shape, it can keep many necessities during your stay.


Different Types of Travel Luggage Tags


Standard Tags

Normal of standard luggage tags serve as the simple identifier that can use to find one’s luggage easily. Many times, you might come across people with same bag as yours. The travel bag tags can make the journey much easy. Moreover, tags come in different types. You can find printed tags, colored tags, or even customized with a name. Moreover, a tag can comprise metal rings, hanging, PVC tag, quote, custom visual, and much more.

Smart Tags

The smart tags have become popular these days. They contain QR that can help in an event of getting lost or stolen. The smart tags include QR code, Bluetooth, and GPS to track and discover a lost bag. If a switch is enabled, a bag can be tracked through accessing the manufacturer’s website. Corporate professionals often choose this bag.


Factors to Consider When Choosing a Travel Bag Online

A large number of E-commerce platforms are available online, offering various products. However, you should consider some factors before choosing a traveling bag to avoid bad experience.

Below are the factors to consider when choosing a traveling bag online:

Quality Assurance

There are various E-commerce stores with a thousand of manufacturers. However, it does not mean each of them offers superior quality. You should see reviews to discover what quality inspection procedure they follow. Moreover, you should see what tests have been passed by a bag, to avoid rip and tears.


You should make sure that a website shows you the right amount of available units and the accuracy. Many times, customers order a product and receive it in a different version of the color. You should make sure they display the right variant and specs for a product.

Coupons and Discount

Apart from above-mentioned factors, you should check for rewards. Many E-commerce stores offer signup reward and discounts. You can utilize the rewards and save a significant amount with them.

Delivery Time

When you are ordering, you often wish to receive a product in a minimum possible timeframe. You can check for the number of days a bag will take to be delivered on your doorstep to avoid any disappointment. Also, you should check if the product comes with a money-back guarantee.


Final Words

We have revealed the types of travel bags, tags, and their considerations. If you know about more types of travel bags and their considerations, then feel free to mention them.

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