Top Apps for Creating Cartoon Videos That You Have Never Heard Of

You must have had a number of cartoon shows and movies that you could never afford to miss and if you have made up your mind to follow the career path of an animator then you would need to start from somewhere. The notion of animation creation might look like a simple endeavor but in reality, it requires a person’s utmost dedication and efforts to create video content that is simply exemplary.

You might have noticed that ever since everything, from artwork to brands, has been digitized, more and more people have begun to look for an affordable animation video production company to work with. Before you begin to proceed to this career pathway, look at these amazing apps for creating cartoon videos.

Draw Cartoons

A free-to-use app, just as the name says, Draw Cartoons is an Android app for drawing cartoons that you can use to express your message, story or ideas. There is even a publishing option that you can use to share your drawings on social media or any website of your choice. You can call it a video maker for cartoons, as along with static visuals, you are also able to animate them. The app’s main features include keyframes for animation, an extensive character library as well as the option to add audio files to your animation.

Toontastic 3D

Used for both drawing and animating simultaneously, Toontastic 3D is another Android app made for creative thinkers and doers. You can not only animate your visuals but you can also add narration to it. Being a basic video maker app, it is easy-to-use and if you are a beginner level animator or artist then you can surely make the most out of it for your learning curve. Once you are done making the animation, record your voice into the app as narration and the entire video will be saved in a 3D format.


Added to the category of art and design on the Google Play Store, FlipaClip can be used for creating and animating digital cartoon characters. This app allows you to become extremely creative by exploring different forms of art styles and forms which you can utilize for creating short animated clips that work frame-by-frame. As for its features, FlipaClip includes an audio recording tool along with a library where you can save all of your recordings. The drawing tools include layers, text styles, an animation timeline and the ability to share your work across social media platforms.

Animation Desk

The aforementioned apps were supported by Android OS but the Animation Desk is available on the Apple App Store for both the iPad and the iPhone. Just like FlipaClip, this app has a frame-to-frame functionality as well. You can both draw into the app from scratch and then create it into either a video or export it into a PSD or GIF format. The tools contain over 46 brushes, line drawing options, and a tool for copy-pasting along with a subscription version that provides you with over 500GB of cloud storage and a few other significant features as well.


A drawing app that transforms the notion of hand-drawn art into a digital form, Rough Animator is both a drawing and video making app that is available for both the iPhone and the iPad, which consists of powerful tools for professional video making. Allowing you to draw in a frame-to-frame manner, other features consist of audio importing options, unlimited layers, playback previews, and animation and effects tools for making your video visually alluring. However, not only the Wacom tablet but also the Apple Pencil supports this app in order to give more control and stability to drawing and video creation.


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