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Almost all of us today carry our smartphone along no matter where we go and the LTE connectivity and those powerful processors they have combined to make these gadgets indispensable as productivity aids and personal assistants. If you have always wanted to accomplish more while you’re moving, adding a few powerful apps to your little handheld is definitely a step to take to keep you moving in right direction. From calendars and office suites for mobiles to note-taking applications, to-do lists, and timers, you have a whole treasure of apps available on the Play Store that you can take advantage of to increase your productivity both at work and also in your routine life. All you need to do is to figure out which of them are better than the rest. And, guess what, here we’re with some of the best productivity apps that you should install on your Android device today. Let’s check out what each of these apps has to offer.

  1. Do

If you have a busy routine, it’s quite possible for you to forget your routine chores and office tasks, but with that’s not how it should go anymore. You may have used to sites like in the past, and despite the fact that they serve the purpose to good effect, they have their own limitations and you can’t have access to them all the time. However, is right there for you 24/7 as it exists in your pocket all the time. You can use the app for keeping your schedule right on track with its cool array of features like reminders, to-do lists, notes, and sharing capabilities. The app even lets you assign different tasks to your team and keep a check on them. The syncing between your smartphone, web, desktop and the tablet can help access most updated lists at all times. In addition, there’s a cool voice-input feature which you can use for adding various items to the to-do lists without getting into the hassle of typing it all. With calendar integration, it is possible for you to manage your task list even better. Along with all that, you can be more productive as the app offers cross-platform compatibility for notes, file attachments, and sub-tasks. With all that, you’re hardly going to miss any deadlines in future for sure.

  1. Microsoft Office Suite

We all are accustomed to using Microsoft’s Office pack to enhance our desktop productivity over the years, but now we have access to the mobile versions of all the three main apps in the Office Suite including Word, Excel, and Powerpoint. The apps have been designed to offer maximum compatibility of office files to desktop versions and the modifications are made primarily to the app interfaces only. The users can rely on these three apps for viewing and editing their documents, spreadsheets as well as presentations. Cloud support also exists for services like Dropbox, Drive, and OneDrive and it makes things a lot easier for the users when it comes to collaboration and sharing.One more thing you need to know about how to change wifi name. Even though the free versions of these apps work fine, you can make the most of your experience if you get Office 365 subscription as well.

  1. Buffer

Social media has really turned into a staple in our modern lives and it’s also associated closely with our workplace and routine productivity as well. Buffer helps you manage your social media accounts quite easily and lets you keep an eye on all of them from a single place. You can schedule your posts and also check detailed analytics as well from within the app. The app extends support for Google+, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and some other famous social networks where free users can manage three different accounts and can schedule 10 posts at a time for each of these accounts. However, if you choose to go premium, you can schedule more of your posts, access more accounts, and also be able to use some advanced features like link shortening, analytics, and tools for content creation.

  1. Notion

The notion is an Android app that relies on artificial intelligence to make your inbox look more sensible. The algorithm of the app considers your mail history and learns which of your email messages were more important than the others and highlights them automatically in the inbox so that you can easily refer to them. The app also offers a cool Radar feature that singles out messages which might need urgent replies to ensure maximum productivity. Besides the search features, customizable swipe controls, and notifications, you can also access an Alexa skill from within Notion app. It lets you to easily listen to your important emails and organize the messages using a smart speaker system from Amazon. The app also extends support for G Suite, Gmail, IMAP email services and Office 365. Sounds cool, yeah!

  1. Trello

Another wonderful productivity app to have on your Android device, Trello is the digital bulletin board that is highly customizable and allows you to create anything for better productivity like to-do lists, notes, tasks, etc. The app allows the users to create their own lists that actually are the dynamic containers which you can fill with different cards. The cards can represent everything from notes, tasks, ideas, and pictures to anything else that might come to your mind. Once you have these things set up, you can drag/drop them in the queue based on their priority or even move these entries to different other lists as needed. You can also share it all with different users and there will be provisions to create new cards, add comments, as well as assign tasks

So, what’s keeping you from installing these cool productivity apps, each serving a different purpose to make you more productive in your work and everyday life? Whether you want to pick and choose, or just install all of them on your Android device, you will be making a great decision either way. Just go for it now and see how it impacts your overall productivity and makes your life more streamlined!

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