Top 5 Problems Faced by Slum Students

Problems Faced by Slum Students

There are two groups in the society, i.e. Poor and Rich. At the present time, rich people are getting richer and poor people are getting poor with every passing day. Now, the poor people don’t have enough money for the basic living necessity or essentials. They are earning very less, so they are unable to feed their family member, then how they will think about the education. Poor people can’t afford to live in a house, so they opt for a slum or in the open garbage area, they are just managing their lives somehow because they don’t have any other option. The top 5 problems faced by slums students are:

  1. Inappropriate Living Environment


In the student’s life, living environment plays a very important role. The students who live in the slum do not have enough money via which they can afford the basic living and food; for getting everything they have to do the work. The people who are living in the slum may involve in serious criminal activities that means their presence makes the environment unsuitable, which is completely a disruption for the slum students. Due to the unpleasant surroundings, students are unable to focus on their education.


  1. Insufficient resources


Another big issue faced by the slum students are the insufficient resources. The parents of children don’t have enough money to fulfill the basic necessity of life, in that case, they are unable to support their child at fullest in the education. Most importantly, slum students don’t have an access to the latest technology like a laptop, printer, etc. due to which they are not performing well in the class as like the other classmates perform. In addition, in the slum area there is a major problem of electricity, so sometimes they have to spend their nights in the dim light of a candle. The parents can take the education loan for student to provide good facilities for their education.


  1. Illiterate Family Background

Illiterate Family Background

Usually the students get the help from the parents or elder at home if they have any confusion or doubt in their studies. But the slum students belong to the illiterate family, so they will not get any assistance in their studies from any family member or elder. Sometime due to illiterate family background, slum students are unable to understand the basics of education.


  1. Painful persecution at School


It is a very big problem which is normally faced by every slum student. The slum students live in a very unpleasant location, which is really unacceptable by the people of elite class and they consider those children to be low in the status and those people transferred the same thought to their kids, so they behaved very badly with slum students at the school and bullying them. Even they use the abuse and wrong language for the slum children to realize them inferior. The elite class people must have to read the condition of the slum students and people who are living in the slum area on some education site. They will understand that how they are living their lives and in which conditions they are spending every day of their life, which we can’t imagine for us for a single minute.


  1. Poor Education due to bad health


Health is vital for everyone, even for the students. The slum students face numerous health issues because of the unpleasant and dirty surroundings as well as the lack of food and diet. The dirty environment gives a birth to several diseases like flu, fever, cough, etc. and the slum also brings the skin problems because of the fungi and bacteria everywhere. All these things affect the students’ health, so they are unable to perform well on the educational grounds because they get sick more often as compared to other students. Their health becomes a hindrance in their educational path.

These are the most common problems which are faced by the slum students. It is very important that every student must be educated, but the students face this kind of problems which are really unmanageable.

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