The Art Of Securing A Reputable Place On Wikipedia

The online authority Wikipedia has on the search engine is almost uncanny. It always manages to be present on the top searches and that is why now this platform is being used for promotions. To your surprise, the guidelines and rules of Wikipedia do not encourage any form of advertising but it still manages to be used as a marketing tool without any cost.

Everyone has their own personal opinion about Wikipedia and its use for notability and marketing. Some tend to think that the platform is overrated and there is no weight in relying on it while some say otherwise. It entirely depends upon how you want to use it. You could search for Wikipedia editors for hire or you could create the page yourself, only if you believe you could manage it.

The marketing side of Wikipedia does not show any blatant promotion instead it is all related to how you have formed the content and tone of your page or article. The main guidelines for a wiki page are available everywhere but here are some points that people new to writing Wikipedia pages are not fully aware of.

Smartly add external links

Once you have made your account, the next step is related to compiling and adding the content to the page. External links are added to improve the authenticity of the article but it is strictly not recommended to add those links that ask for signing up on the website only to view the content on it. Wikipedia moderators will begin to doubt your authenticity and could ban you from the page if they consider the links to be spam.

Add licensed images

If you add images without credits then that would result in copyright infringement. Be smart about the photos you add as references as the moderators check every little detail in the content of your wiki page. Make sure the images you add are licensed and in turn, none of such photos will be deleted since you could use them commercially.

Stay connected to similar websites

Wikipedia is not the only encyclopedia-based website. There are numerous such websites out there so you can build a strong association to similar platforms for credibility. When you will have a network of people and pages with similar interests and content then no one will doubt your credibility. This can even help you build a sound PR campaign for yourself or your brand.

Be slow and steady

It is true that haste makes waste. It is not recommended to go big at once instead take small steps to your way to online notability. If you are making your page yourself then you surely would not the relevant experience for it. For that reason, you have the option to reach out to professional writers and allow them to guide you with the page creations steps. You should know that making similar mistakes are not accepted on Wikipedia and you might be banned if you make the same mistake repeatedly.

The Verdict

Being notable is just one single guideline out of the extensive rule manual Wikipedia has. You have to take care of many things then you actually consider. Wikipedia pages are not easy to acquire and it is not set in stone that you will get the same recognition you are looking for yourself. Everything has its pros and cons but Wikipedia’s pros have certainly outweighed every con.

Wikipedia is more than a website to gain information or be educated about something. The power of this platform has now become so comprehensive that it can be used in numerous ways to befit your preferences or requirements.


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