Red Flowers: Identification of Love and Passion

Valentine Day Red Rose

Around the world, red is one of the most popular colors for a bouquet of flowers. A fragrant bouquet of red roses is the undisputed messenger of a feeling of love. But this is only one of the meanings. Red flowers can communicate many other emotions and should not be associated only with the Romeo of the situation.

What They Symbolize Red Flowers

Those who sent or received red roses for Valentine’s Day know very well that these flowers are the most romantic and classic demonstration of love. Red is, for many, the color of passion to which even red flowers are no exception.

Although they are the perfect gift for your anniversary or to celebrate a romantic anniversary, their meaning is not limited to this.

Do Red Flowers Symbolize Only Love And Passion?

The red color goes far beyond the classic meaning of romance. The red flowers, in fact, are also a symbol of strength, vitality and family ties. Red flowers mostly used in Valentine’s Day and people thronging to get valentines flower delivery at home.

Red, like blood, expresses the energy and the intrinsic force of the soul. The blood also indicates the family ties, but it is good to remember that, because of the strong romantic connotation, it is always better to be cautious in giving red flowers to the closest members of the family.

What Do Red Flowers Mean in Other Cultures?

Around the world, there are several occasions in which to give red flowers takes on other meanings compared to the romantic message we are used to. For example, during the International Women’s Day in Russia, women and girls receive red roses as a sign of gratitude and affection.

In the Far East and in China, on the other hand, the red color is an auspicious messenger; in fact it is the favorite gift to congratulate for a successor to wish good luck and good health.

In India and Nepal, it is part of the wedding ceremony, where generally the bride’s sari is of a bright scarlet red. It is quite common, therefore, to give red flowers during weddings in this region.

What Are The Most Suitable Red Flowers To Give?

  • Rose
  • Chrysanthemums
  • Gigli
  • Gerbere
  • Amaryllis
  • Tulips
  • Lilies of Peru
  • Anturi

Red flowers say much more than an “I love you”, not that this in itself is not already a business. What are your favorite red flowers to give away?

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