Motion Graphics Trends In The Year 2019

Motion Graphics

The animation is a technology that has revolutionized many industries and disciplines. It is one of the fastest growing technologies in the world, and it has many different types as well. Motion graphics is also one of the very popular types of animation, and it is widely used in the advertisement industries as well as many other industries. As the name suggests, motion graphics has graphics or animations in motion. This type of animation is mostly based on digital footages or animated figures and has no story line in it.

Motion graphics is a rich domain that is always changing and evolving. There are many new trends in motion graphics that are innovative and unique. Using the latest trends of the motion graphics for your projects can make them attractive for your audience and improves the functionality of the project as well. Let us have a look at what new motion graphic trends are there that you can utilize. We are going to focus specifically on the design trends that are going to be trending in the year 2019.

Two Aspects of Motion Graphics: Colors and Design Techniques!


There are two fundamental aspects of motion graphics designs, and the trends for each of these aspects tend to be different. First, there are the design trends that are about the techniques and the objects, shapes, and images in the design, and then there are the colors that are used as a trend in the designs. Let us first discuss the techniques of the designs and then we will have a brief discussion about the color trends as well.

Trending Design Techniques of Motion Graphics!


Liquid Motion


Liquid motion is a type of animation where the shapes of the digital objects on the screen become like liquid. This trend is a fantastic animation style that is widely used for the creation of motion graphics animations with an under-the-sea theme, or windy-day themes. They give the animation designs a more exciting and realistic style. Animators often use after effects to provide the fluid transitions between different colors and objects a smoother passage. This type of animation is highly prevalent among advertisers and marketers. They often hire freelance motion graphics animator or contact video animation service to get their advertisement projects done with this animation design technique.



The word ‘morphing’ means to transition, and that is what the morphing design trends are all about. This type of animation has morphing layers of objects, icons, or shapes that make the graphics interesting to watch. Used mostly by the logo animators, morphing is trending and growing design in motion graphics.

Glitch Effect


Glitch effect in motion graphics is similar to an old static TV screen. It has this distorted, scratchy effect in it and it has been one of the most popular trends in 2018. It is still considered an excellent motion graphics design trend and the experts think that it is going to stay fashionable in the coming year as well. Since the design has distortion that reminds many audiences of an old static TV screen, it is both modernistic and retro. Therefore, it evokes nostalgia and makes the animation’s atmosphere more emotionally relatable.

A mixture of 2D and 3D design Techniques!

Both 3D and 2D animation styles have their unique features, and they are both useful and aesthetically pleasing in their own ways. An animator understands that both the techniques have their own importance. Both design techniques provide different types of capabilities to the animators and expand the design possibilities for the animators. This is why the animators to a new design trend where they mix both, 2D and 3D animations in a motion graphics animation. Mixing of these two animation styles is a prevalent trend among the animators nowadays as many animators and design experts from the animation studio use this trend. The mixing trend allows the animators to create more complex, stylish, and artistic animations and that is why many experts expect it to stay in trend.

Color Trends in Motion Graphics

Let us now talk about the color trends that are going to be popular in 2019 or has been popular in the previous year.



The gradient is a design trend that is also called color transition. This color trend is often used to enhance flat designs, as they are attractive, moving, and vibrant as well. The transitions of colors look amazing in any design setting, and they give an extra boost to the designs as well. There are many subtypes of gradient color trend including mono-hue transitions, rainbow gradients, and the contrasting color transitions. They fuel the visuals with deeper dimensions and stylizes the composition of the design as well. You can observe the use of this color trend at many different platforms including branding, mobile app UIs, advertisements, illustrations, and so on.



Pastel color schemes are a good way of using light color hues and dull shades. Pastels are catchy because they have a certain vintage touch that fascinates the audience and drags them in. In motion graphics, these color themes develop a very different and appealing animation atmosphere.

Bright Colors


The use of bright colors is also an active trend in the motion graphics, and many good animators choose to use vibrant color schemes. Bold color themes are used widely because they can attract the audience instantly and tend to be engaging as well. They can bring a dead design to life with their energy and spark.

These design and color trends are going to overpower the design industry of 2019. Some of these trends are already popular among the animators and are being used widely. Still, they are being included in the list because they are predicted to stay in the following year as well. All of these trends are helping animators discover the potentials of motion graphics animations in a completely new way. They allow the animators to fill their animations with more meaning and power.

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