The Characteristics Of An Ideal Logo Design

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Designing a logo seems like a relatively simple skill that you can acquire. However, that thought process is only until you get started with creating one! According to what David Airey says in his book- “anyone can design a logo, but not everyone can design the right logo.”

A logo is just not a pictorial representation of your company, but it is also an introduction to a brand. It is not a lie when people say that the first impression is the last. According to some researchers, it only takes 3 seconds to make an opinion about something. With this said, it is important to design a logo that inspires the brand trust, loyalty, and admiration.

Here are seven important characteristics that describe an impact full logo.

  • A Logo Must Be Original

Imitating is flattering, but it should not be the case with a logo design. One of the most benefiting characteristics of a logo design is its originality and uniqueness, which comes with creativity and imagination of a professional designer.

A good logo design provides a unique visual identity for a brand and helps it to stay afloat in the sea of competitors. While there is nothing wrong to hire affordable custom logo designers for your help, it is important to push them to be creative and keep the design as original as possible.

  • Relevance Is The Key

It may happen that even the unique and creative designs might not be successful. Why? It might be because of the irrelevant or unappropriated factor of the logo. Take for instance a toy company and a bank. A childish, playful logo design may be a genius idea for a toy company but having a similar design for the bank may not be appropriate for your targeted audience.

It is crucial that you study your company message and brand mission, values and audience before hiring a designer to design your company logo. This can ensure that the logo is appropriate and useful to make your brand identity.

  • Try Keeping It Simple

Most designers agree that keeping the logo designs simple is the first step to designing a good logo. One of the main reasons that we will further discuss below is that it makes it recognizable and ultimately more memorable.

One significant attribute of a simple logo design is that it is easily visible even at very small sizes like on a mobile phone. If your logo is not readable in small sizes and you have spent a good amount of money on the sponsorship or ads or other advertisements, the all that money will be wasted for naught. It will be because nobody would be able to recognize you with an unreadable or unrecognizable logo design.

  • Make Them Versatile

The above point makes it essential for a logo to be versatile. Keeping it as simple as possible makes a logo design more versatile. It means that a logo must be usable across some media and applications, as well as being able to be tweaked in various sizes and color or backgrounds without losing its sole purpose.

A company logo is used on various media platforms-billboards, applications, videos, etc. – therefore, they need to be scalable. A professional designer always makes a logo as a vector file because they are scalable to any size without losing its essence. However, if a designer is not aware of this factor, then you might want to reconsider hiring a professional and knowledgeable designer for your work.

  • Recognizable And Memorable

The purpose of designing a good logo is to make it memorable. Giving your logo a unique twist of some sort might make it memorable. One of the ways to make a logo memorable is to think whether it is describable. If it’s not then you must consider changing it a bit.

Always keep in mind that there are different types of logos and every kind has its unique factor. Take for example the logos of Coca-Cola and HP. These logos do not tell the audience what the company does, but they have acquired their meaning with the association over these two brands over time without having a literary image attached to either one of the two logos.

  • Being Timeless Is Important

Timelessness is about staying in the market without re-branding your logo design. Not only re-branding can be a pain in the neck but it can also be costly, after all, hiring a designer is not done for free. This is the reason why you should try making your company logo timeless until you decide to change it yourself.

Think about it! The most renowned brands of all like the apple bite of apple or the logo of Mercedes or the unique font and color of Coca-Cola-they all have one thing in common- they have been tweaked or changed very little by the time they were first launched.

One key factor of making a timeless logo is again the simplicity of the fonts and choosing wise colors that best represent your brand. Adding too many graphic styles like gradients, which is trending nowadays, or drop shadows can make a logo look outdated. So choose your colors and fonts wisely!

  • Being Different Makes It Notable

Set yourself apart with an impactful logo design. In the digitalized world, finding a way of standing out in the competition can be challenging. However, that the idea of creating a unique logo. Without a diverse logo design, your potential customers might find it difficult to locate you among the competition and choose your competitor rather than choosing you.


To summarize it, it won’t be wrong to say that your company’s logo design is the signature, an image that helps you to make an identity for your business. Likewise, it is something that makes you recognizable among all the similar competitive companies you are competing within the industry. So represent your company in a way that your audience is mesmerized to look out for your services and product.

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