How to Setup Dual Monitors Windows 10

How to Setup Dual Monitors

Even when compared to a PC, the monitor is still a long-term investment. Therefore, it is advisable not to compromise in terms of quality, taking into account that high-quality monitors in the medium and long-term are encouraged by the improvement and efficiency of operations, the reduction of consumption and the benefits for the eyes. We will tell you dual monitor setup windows 10! The use of multi-screen of a desktop computer or dual monitor setup windows 10! Although the laptop has recently become a common product, the popularity of desktop computers persists for those who require performance and other actions. For those users who want to maximize the performance of their equipment and want to increase their productivity, the use of multi-screen is highly recommended.

Using two or more large and high-resolution screens is an undeniable advantage, which maximizes the available space. And since there are no limitations of space and resolution as for a laptop, the multiscreen configuration offers a flexible combination of sizes and resolutions, depending on the type of work and within the limits of the available budget. This substantially increases productivity and is ideal for managing and processing a large amount of information in a short time.

How to Setup Dual Monitors

This is where a group of accessories and peripherals comes in that complement or improve it, increase the possibilities of connection and improve the productivity and comfort of use when we have to work in a computer desk. Working with multiple monitors is a joy in a home or in an office, either through a multi-screen system with a desktop computer or as we will see in this article for how to setup dual monitors.  This allows us to expand the desktop, to be able to work with a greater number of open applications in professional tasks of editing, programming, translation or financial tasks.

Windows 10 Multiple Monitors

Windows 10 Multiple Monitors

The connection of multiple monitors: Any laptop includes one or more video outputs to connect with an additional screen, either an analog VGA port or digital as DVI, HDMI or Display Port.  The newest and most advanced equipment offer Thunderbolt 3 connections  ,  the perfect port  to connect one or more monitors since apart from a huge performance, it offers in a single cable video, audio, data transmission and power, besides compatibility with USB Type ports -C and also from native displays DisplayPort 1.2, third generation PCIe, HDMI 2 and USB 3.0.

For those who need more, the most complete option comes from the expansion bases, which allow you to use several connected peripherals, greater connectivity options Many series of business laptops. Usually, those who use an application across multiple screens usually always start with a single screen and add a second later. Ideally, it is recommended to combine the two screens of the same size and type. This resolution and the format can be aligned more easily. And since the screens have the same period of use, any alteration of luminosity and chromaticity can be identified promptly.

Another factor to consider for windows 10 multiple monitors who try to create a configuration of several monitors is the fact that most will be involved and controlling more broadly should be the viewing angle offered. To see the color simultaneously in a clear and precise way, it is recommended to buy a monitor that has a wide viewing angle. In addition, several screens are connected and more will be reflections on the screens and the brightness in the eyes. To avoid unwanted reflections it is recommended to choose a monitor that has a surface with an anti-reflective coating that contributes to reducing fatigue and visual stress.

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