How to Install, Delete and Manage Fonts on Windows 10?

installing fonts windows 10

Add fonts to Windows 10, with a series of files that contain all the characters with their type and specific form that Windows and all applications use to show us the text on the screen. By default, Windows comes with several standard fonts, although those that do not interest us, very easily, as we will explain below if you are looking for how to add fonts windows 10. The process of installing sources makes them available for all the programs of your operating system, since most applications do not allow you to simply load a source file and use it, but they offer you a list of already installed sources so that choose between them. Having too many sources installed can slow down your computer.

Do not complicate your life by installing a large number of sources if you do not have a reason for it. Install only the ones you are really going to use. Do not uninstall the fonts that come with your operating system, but feel free to uninstall the ones that you have installed yourself and you are not going to use more. The sources for add fonts to Windows 10 are different types of letters that we can use in the system and applications on our computer. All the characters with its own style and easily view install or delete fonts Windows. Before the arrival of the last major update of the Microsoft operating system, it’s easy to install or remove fonts in Windows 10 from the path where the system stores the fonts, but now, those of Redmond have decided to add these options to the configuration page of Windows 10 April 2018 Update.

Therefore, if you have updated your computer with system sources, the first thing we will do is open the Configuration page from the Start menu or by pressing the Win + I key combination. Once there, navigate to the option Personalization> Sources.

How to Add Font’s Windows 10?

There we will find all the options to manage our sources at installing font’s windows 10. At the top you will find a link to get more sources in the Microsoft Store, then a search engine that allows us to check if we have a particular source installed or not and a list of all the sources we have in the system. Just below the search engine, we also find the option to filter the sources by language, in case we want to search if we have a source and in a specific language.

If we click on any of our sources, we will be shown a new page where the name of the source is displayed, a text box in which we can write what we want to see a preview with that source applied, a controller to change the size and at the bottom, information related to the metadata of the source. Depending on the font and style that we select, we can see the full name of the source, the path where it is, the version, manufacturer, copyright, trademarks and a button from which we can directly uninstall. Therefore, from this page, we can see the Windows source that we want and even uninstall it.

To add a font in Windows, we can use the link that we indicated previously that we found in the superior of the page of Sources of the page of Configuration to the Store of Microsoft. We just have to find the source and click Get to download and install it in the system. Once this is done, we will have it available in the list of Windows sources in the configuration page. If we want to install fonts windows 10 a font in Windows that we have downloaded from another place than the Microsoft Store, we simply have to follow the steps we followed in the previous versions of Windows, as you can see in the previous link.

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