How to Find Wifi Password On Windows 10

It is undeniable that we live in a connected world in which we find more and more WiFi networks and connected devices. Rare is the home that does not have an Internet connection and several devices that make use of it to be aware of what is happening on the network, check email, chat with family and friends or see what happens in the social networks. But it is not always easy to remember them and looking for them in the router is annoying. Next, we will explain how to see and find wifi password windows 10. Let’s put ourselves in the situation where a friend of yours comes home and wants to have access to your Wi-Fi. See find wifi password windows 10.

In just 4 steps you can see the password of the Wi-Fi network in which you are connected; this can be very useful in case you want to point the password on a paper or text document if necessary. Forgetting a password can be very easy, and more if we use a different password for each account we have, either by email or any other online service.

See Wifi Password on Windows 10

How to find wifi password on windows 10

How to See the Password for the Wi-Fi network

  • Go to Settings -> Network and Internet
  • In the Wi-Fi tab, click Advanced settings -> Network and shared resources center

This is ideal to avoid having to dictate it to another person; we just have to send it to you so that you can copy it directly. Depending on the version of Windows 10 you can change the process a bit, but in general terms, it is very similar. Lately, Microsoft makes many changes.

From the notification center, we can see wifi password on windows 10. It is important to use a password with lowercase letters, capital letters, numbers, and characters. Remember, it is not advisable to leave the password in front of everyone, and even more when talking about a Wi-Fi network. Otherwise, we can find an unwanted guest who is making use of our connection. When it comes to protecting our Wi-Fi network, it is advisable to use at least security options WPA2-PSK protection. It is very important to use lowercase letters, capital letters, numbers and characters for the password. WPA2-PSK supports up to 63 characters, so it can be really long. All that is to make things more difficult for an attacker always comes in handy.

Using WPA2-PSK protection has a drawback, not all devices are compatible. Also, in Wi-Fi USB adapters, the signal may be weaker. So, like any of our computers, it may not detect the network or not connect despite entering the password correctly. However, it is rare to find a device that does not support WPA2-PSK.

Show Wifi Password Windows 10

Open the start menu, where you should find and run the System Symbol application. It is an application in which you must go writing a series of commands that we will tell you next for show wifi password windows 10. As soon as you open the Command Prompt, the first thing you have to type is the WLAN show profile command as you see in the screenshot. The name has to be one of those that have appeared in the list with the previous command. And that’s it, in that same window and without having to use third-party applications you will see a Content category of the key in which the password of the network you have selected will appear in its entirety.

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