How To Encourage Students To Learn Independently

This useful and researched based content is brought to by the research team of one of the best nursery in Abu Dhabi. One of the most important skills that can be teach to new generations is to learn independently . For centuries education has been based on a teacher having all the knowledge. This knowledge has been transmitted to the student in a unidirectional way. This has caused that once the years in the school finished, the students were not able to continue learning on their own. They were too accustomed to information being cut and digested for them.


But the appearance of artificial intelligence and the social changes that are foreseen make the ability of everyone to learn on their own indispensable. Artificial intelligence is present in a huge number of aspects of our daily life. We continuously use Siri or the Google Assistant. We have vacuum cleaners and other autonomous and “smart” appliances that perform their tasks without the intervention of humans. There are even cars that drive themselves thanks to AI technology.Fortunately, artificial intelligence will never replace human teachers in their important work. But it is also clear that its use in the classroom has a lot of benefits for the entire educational community.Not only teachers can benefit from AI skills. Students can also count on a true digital companion that helps them learn in a personalized way.


Artificial intelligence is able to analyze the data of each particular student. Thanks to these data, the AI ​​can offer educational materials at a pace adapted to the needs of each one. In addition, artificial intelligence is able to answer frequent questions that arise among the students and that would otherwise end up in the teacher’s inbox. In this way the process is streamlined and all the members of the class are more efficient.


These three learning skills can be a good start.

  1. Learn to investigate

If we want students to learn independently, we must teach them to investigate. To begin, it is necessary to transmit the different techniques that research. From searching for words in the dictionary to consulting bibliography or carrying out online searches, if we do not know how to find information, we will never be able to develop new ideas.


On the other hand, once the research techniques have been learned, students must learn to choose their research object. Choosing a topic is more complex than it may seem at first glance. It is necessary to know very well what the problem is and be concise at the time of proposing the object of the investigation that will solve this problem.


In this case, it is the teachers who must act as guides and inspiration for the students . Helping in brainstorming or discarding ideas further away from the goal are just some of the things a teacher can do to teach their students to investigate properly.


  1. Learn to evaluate the quality of information

Today’s students are exposed to more information than any previous generation. They live surrounded by screens and fountains that provide them with small pieces of the world around them. But that information is not always reliable, complete or presented in the most appropriate way . Differentiating reliable sources from questionable sources is a vital skill.


Learning independently is also identifying the hoaxes, the fake news and the rumors. Critical thinking is important, but if we think about the wrong information, all our effort will be in vain.


The Internet is omnipresent in our lives. That is why both parents and teachers must take charge of the task of teaching students to evaluate the quality of the information they receive.


  1. Learn to learn from others

Until a few years ago, our educational system has always been based on the fact that teachers have been the source of information and students have received it passively. But if we want students to learn to learn, if we want them to maintain curiosity and continue acquiring skills after leaving school, we should encourage them to observe their classmates and learn from them.


Each student has a unique set of skills and knowledge. Each of them also has a different cultural and personal background. Observing your peers and acquiring useful information is a good way to improve as a person and develop in different aspects.


These are some skills we can teach our students if we want them to learn independently. But surely there are many more. If you also encourage your students to continue learning on their own, share with us how you do it.




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