How To Become Famous On YouTube

How To Become Famous On YouTube

YouTube is a medium that a lot of artists and creative minds use to get their art recognized by the public
and to become famous. People share new ideas, tutorials, art, and useful information on the platform.
YouTube is mainly an entertainment site that has millions of audience from all over the world so it
provides a good chance to the artists to present their art to a huge audience, influence them, and earn
money as well.
However, earning through YouTube is not a very easy task. Every YouTuber earns differently because it
depends on how many subscribers do they have and how famous they are. It is to say that you must
have the skill to make your YouTube channel famous and have many subscribers in order to earn good
money. This article is to list down some of the best advice that can help you make your YouTube
channel famous.

Make a Striking Channel Profile

The first step to have a YouTube channel that will help you make some money is to have a YouTube page
that will attract the audience. The page should be attractive and appealing to the audience. There are a
few things that can be done to make the page attractive are as follows:

Make an Attractive Cover

The cover of your channel should be catchy and it should grab the attention of the audience at the very
first glance. There should also be something to stimulate action and make them subscribe to your
channel and watch the videos. There should be a tagline or a custom YouTube logo to make you more memorable, distinctive, and recognizable.

Have an Upgraded ‘About’ Section

YouTubers need to have an about section that describes them and their channel appropriately. Doing it
in a fun way can help you have more subscribers. Also, make sure it portrays you the way you want to
be viewed by your audience and tell your audience about your content as well. You can add the details
about how you shoot and what is your purpose of making videos. Moreover, adding your other social
media account links can help you have more followers as well.

Welcome your Audience with a Welcome Video

Adding a welcome video can be a good way to introduce your channel to the visitors. You can choose to
make a video that will include excerpts from the best of your works or you can make an introductory
video of around 2 to 3 minutes where you introduce yourself in a nice way.

Let People Know What They are Going to Find

Your YouTube channel should belong in a specific category so that the viewers know what your channel
is all about. For instance, if you make art tutorials, specify that you work with watercolor or you simply
a sketch, or any other specific type of art. They should be able to know what your content is all about.

Know How It Works

On YouTube, the videos appear in accordance with the YouTube algorithm. There are a few hacks that
you can use to make your videos appear on the top of the search results. These tricks are very effective
if your channel is new and you are trying to get more views on your videos.

 Your videos should be longer than 5 minutes because, on YouTube, longer videos are given a
higher position in the search results.
 Using keywords in the filename can also help you appear in the top results.
 Try to give your videos a good title.
 Also, make sure your video descriptions include the right keywords as YouTube will be
determining your content category with what is in the description section.

Content Quality Needs Special Attention

Remember that all of these tricks to gather the attention of subscribers and random viewers will go in
vain if you would not maintain the quality of your video content. Here are a few things that you can do
to make your content interesting and engage your audience better.

 First of all, make a signature or a ritual that you start and/or finish your videos with. This
signature should sound funny, positive, or interesting. It will help your viewers remember you
for longer and look forward to your new videos.
 Another important point is consistency. Be regular because it will keep your audience engaged.
 On YouTube, it is important to follow the trends in order to stay in the spotlight.
 Your style of speaking should be friendly, personal, and relatable for the audience. Try not to
sound to too loud and have a polite tone.
 Choose to have attractive thumbnails for your videos.

These are a few good pieces of advice that can help you have a good number of subscribers on your channel.
Hope they will help you.

Author Bio:
Fredrick Mark is a Social Media blogger and has a degree in Journalism from the University of Chicago.
Mark has learned many effective ways to influence his audience and create content that will go a long
way over the years as he is highly experienced. He has been working as a content writer since his college
years when he used to write as a freelancer to support himself financially and to fulfill his immense
desire to be a writer. Then later it became a side hobby as he started to work a journalist in a local news channel.

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