How to Enter Bios Windows 10

Are you looking for how to enter bios windows 10? The BIOS (Basic Input Output System) was a firmware that physically resided in a chip on the computer’s motherboard. All the computers came from the factory with the BIOS, which started just when the computer was turned on to perform low-level functions related to the PC’s hardware. Formerly entering the BIOS of the PC was as easy as pounding a certain key during startup and waiting for it to appear. Although today is still basically the same, it is not always so easy. Today we will see how to enter bios windows 10 if you use Windows 10.

Access Bios Windows 10

The main problem that you can find when trying is to restart Windows and no matter how much you press the key, nothing happens. Look how to access bios windows 10;

  1. Turn off and on

The only thing you have to keep in mind is that you need to turn it off completely and it will not be good for you to suspend it or go into hibernation. In fact, if your laptop has some kind of “quick start” technology, it is possible that the normal shutdown will not help either.

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Go to Settings

access bios windows 10

Click On Update & Security

how to enter bios windows 10

Then Press the Button of Recovery

enter bios windows 10


Already within the Windows Configuration to enter bios windows 10; you must go to the last section called Update and security. This is where similar configurations of recovery and problem solving are included.

enter bios windows 10

Restart now to Enter Bios Windows 10

Then you must click on the Recovery tab (in the left panel) and then click on the button called Restart now, under the Advanced Start section. As explained in the text, which shows a menu like the one you will see below.

Click- Troubleshoot

Advanced Boot to Bios Windows 10

Advanced Options


You will then see the menu with a blue background that we talked about in our article on how to enter the safe mode of Windows 10. It is a menu that is used mostly to solve problems with Windows, although one of the options is precisely to enter the BIOS.

Advanced Boot to Bios Windows 10

Next, choose Advanced Options. Hopefully, you do not need to enter the BIOS very often because, as you see, the road consists of many more steps than we would like.

Then Press the Button UEFI Firmware Settings on the Left Side

Bios Setup


Finally, click on the UEFI Firmware Configuration. The name itself is not too intuitive but basically means that it will restart the PC and let you enter the firmware configuration, which is the same as the BIOS.

  1. Press ESC or F1 on the keyboard to Boot to Bios Windows 10

Bios Setup

Whether you have turned off the PC and turned it on again as if you used the advanced reboot, you may need to press a certain key on your keyboard at a just moment. The key may vary from one PC to another, although it is usually specified for a short period of time on the screen during startup.

If you do not know what key it is and you do not see the indication on the screen, a Google search of “mark your PC + enter BIOS” should give you the solution. It is also possible that it is in the PC manual.

how to enter bios windows 10

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