How to Disk Cleanup in Windows 10

The update is completely free and if you enter the Windows update wizard you will surely skip the warning. We remind you that this update will keep all your files and programs installed, but it does not hurt to make a backup in case the files.  From those that you decide to erase but never deign to eliminate from the recycling bin, until all the information that your web browser saves while you browse. In the case of Windows 10, there are several options already included in the system to deal with this problem, which becomes larger the smaller your hard disk. Temporary files can occupy many precious gigabytes of space that we would prefer to have free, especially if we have a nice and fast but without too much space!

This type of tasks should be done frequently enough to keep your system working as well as possible. If you have an SSD installed on your computer, you probably did not know that to work optimally you should always have an amount of approximately 20 to 25% free. When an SSD has little free space it has a lot of partially full blocks, and the process to write information in it will be slower if it had many empty blocks.

disk cleanup windows 10

How to Do Disk Cleanup Windows 10?

If you’re one of the people who upgraded from Windows 7 or Windows 8 / 8.1 to Windows 10, it’s possible that those earlier versions of Windows are taking up a lot of space on your computer unnecessarily. It also happened with the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, which was a whole new version of the operating system. Windows 10 disk cleanup was useful if you planned to go back to the previous version of the system if Windows 10 was not going well or you did not like it, but that time is over.

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disk cleanup windows 10

Windows 10 Disk Cleanup

The other option is to use system cleanup windows 10 on the same Windows. Just type exactly that in the search drawer after pressing the start button and press Enter. Wait for the program to finish calculating and once the options window appears to click on the button that appears below “Clean system files”.

disk cleanup windows 10

Disk Cleaner 610×570

With the system cleanup windows 10 you will find a large number of temporary files that are no longer needed and that you can remove, including previous versions of Windows if there are any. Check the corresponding boxes and simply press accept. Within the same tool Disk Cleanup, next to the option we just discussed, there is a tab called “More options “, from there we can delete old restore points to free space.

disk cleanup windows 10

Storage Options

For mysterious reasons that will only be understood in Microsoft, both from the disk space liberator and from storage options in the Windows configuration menu there are options to eliminate temporary files. The thing about the situation is that if you release everything with one tool, it is likely that the other will show you different numbers.

disk cleanup windows 10


One More Step


Open the Control panel. In the search box towards top right type ” disk cleanup ” and then Press ” Free up disk space by deleting unnecessary files”.

disk cleanup windows 10

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