6 Digital Marketing Channels To Promote Your Business Effectively

Digital Marketing Channels

Do you want to make your start-up or brand popular fast? Are you looking for a digital marketing agency or a digital marketing expert to handle your brand promotion?

But before hiring a digital marketing consultant, you must know the key ways a digital marketer is going to advertise your brand and make your digital presence strong.

You may not need a professional digital marketing course to learn the basics. You can easily find good free resources online to understand how digital marketing works. Here are 6 digital marketing techniques which can really help your start-up get popular soon.

While hiring a digital marketing agency or expert, don’t be blind. You may not be an expert in this department and that’s why you want to take help from an expert. That is absolutely fine. But your ignorance will simply burn your pocket in the long run, if you don’t know what is expected from that agency or person.

That’s why I thought to share these key techniques every digital marketer will apply to increase their brand presence. These are very basic ones and there are many other advance marketing techniques available.

Why You Need A Strong Digital Presence For Your Online Business

Digital Presence For Your Online Business

I was checking few
data related to internet penetration in India and got stunned with the change happened in last few years. The credit goes to Reliance Jio, who has killed the competition by introducing cheap mobile internet in India.

The range of internet or digital world has reached till farthest corner of India. And that is also just 26% of the total population (as per 2015 data). In next few years, the number is growing like anything and seems India is going to become the largest base of internet users in the world.

The entire world is shifting towards digital or internet. Now a day’s mostly people spend most of their time watching YouTube videos, Facebook, Twitter and reading blogs or surfing ecommerce websites. That means, majority of the crowd is shifting towards online content.

In that situation, the demand of digital marketing is growing. There are huge requirements of expert digital marketing consultants who can help to grow the digital presence of many brands.

Just imagine every single small or big business in India is trying to create their website, want to target their niche audience and want to rank higher for their product. As a business owner, you must also act towards building your digital presence. Otherwise, your competitor will simply take the advantage and enjoy the entire share of mobile crowds and internet users.

To build your digital presence, you must use these top 6 digital channels to promote your business.

SEO (Search engine optimization)


SEO (Search engine optimization)

This is the best way every brand wants to get familiar with the audience. Search engine traffic or organic traffic is the natural source of quality audience.

To get that, your content should get high ranking in search engines like Google, Bing, yahoo etc. With the help of proper SEO techniques, one can achieve this target with time.

Image Source: http://regentseo.com/importance-of-on-page-optimization/amp/

Find out your target audience and their search queries (keywords). Target the keywords related to your product with low competition and optimize them with proper on-page SEO techniques.


Content Marketing (blog posts, info graphics, eBooks or videos)

Content marketing is another very effective way to promote your business and improve the brand awareness.

E.g. if you have a new product, then you can target your audience with benefits or why they should need this product kind of guides.

Write useful blog posts, create an engaging info graphics, publish free eBooks or upload few helpful videos on YouTube. In this way your product will get enough visibility and gain trust in the long run.

Search Engine Marketing (Google Adwords)

This is the paid advertising part. But that doesn’t mean that you will just spend some money and display your ad in front of your audience to get higher conversion.

Google Adsense is a very powerful tool with which you can easily optimize your advertise for the targeted audience by using long tail keywords.

For a particular keyword, if you can bid higher, you can get the #1 ranking in ads too. But will it serve the purpose? Will you get enough return to bear the Adwords cost?

That is the strategy one needs to find and apply through Google Adwords to optimize advertising expenses & get higher return.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)


Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram are very popular these days and people spend huge time on them. Every like, share, tweet, retweet matters a lot.

Image Source: http://www.websaucestudio.com/social-media-marketing/

As this will give your content or brand an up vote. The more you get your brand visibility more the trust will increase. Easily create Facebook ads, with Twitter business and spread more about your website, blog or business.

While creating social media campaigns, you can easily target the audience you want to show the ads. This will make sure the conversions are high.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is another very popular technique to spread about your product or business service. Simply create an affiliate program on popular platforms like Click bank, ShareASale, Commission Junction etc.

If you have a good product and you can offer a good commission, you can easily contact bloggers for review articles. This will make your product very popular and trustworthy in a short period of time.

Email Marketing


Email Marketing

Although it looks spam to send mails to someone with promotional intent, but believe me email marketing is very powerful and most effective way of digital marketing. But for that you should have a good amount of engaging and targeted audience.

Image Source: http://smallbizwebdesign.co.uk/email-marketing/

This will help you to consume your content with good open rate. Better to create a series of emails, so that you can educate your targeted users and gradually convert them to sale.


These are the few popular digital marketing techniques or advertising options, every company can utilize to make their brand popular. You may not be an expert in these areas, but you should be aware about these techniques before hiring any digital marketing agency.

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