Comparison of the Best File Managers for Android

Best Android File Manager Apps

Hi guys. I chose to compose a review-comparison of their popular file managers and thought for quite a very long time would an intriguing thing be prepared by you. Astro File Manager, Solid Explorer, along with ES Explorer appeared to me that the most lovely and suitable although of working with this system, for of the time, I’ve experienced many of these. I inquire beneath the cut When it’s intriguing for you, which one looked to be the handiest and which I enjoyed more than the others!



-ES Explorer

-Solid Explorer

-Astro file manager


I have to say that picking the best of many at the same time is hard. About every one of those three, I’ll explain in my review.


ES Explorer Pro

ES Explorer Pro


-As for me personally, it is the most popular and desired among others. It has lots of choices and functions. Its principal benefit is the absence of advertising, though the program is totally free. I enjoy the fact that it’s a purpose. The standard is a subject there but after some time you will bother. However, like me. That I installed a backdrop, and I wanted something darker, and that I had this set for many months. And I exhausted, and I place a font and a white backdrop. I have to say, it looks amazing. From this, it seems that on a very different appearance, your document manager can take using a minimum of work.


-As for the user interface as a whole, it appears slick, which permits the machine to not be loaded by it. If you’re a fan of smooth and beautiful everything you won’t enjoy. However, its performance makes it among the very best in this region. Besides the typical functions” move/rename/delete” and many others, it’s two trumps: there are an integrated sound player and a way to see images.


-When leaving the app one of the benefits of this program is draining the cache. And so, I suggest that you use the”View Picture ES Explorer” rather than the typical gallery and permit the choices”Clear background on leave” and”Clear cache on exit” from the settings. This way you won’t have a. Thumbnails folder where pictures and all of the thumbnails you’ve seen are saved.


-You’re also given the chance. You can place. In the center of the display, there’s a stage, and you can draw on a gesture from touching it. The purpose is disabled from the configurations.


-It might be well worth noting ES Media Player, capable of playing movies, and ES Editor for editing and viewing text files. I have to state it doesn’t recognize letters and you need to change the encoding.


-along with other standard modules in virtually every file. ES Explorer may be utilized as an explorer, even in case you’ve root-rights. It functions in precisely the exact same manner like in Windows: it moves into the recycle bin so that you can restore accidentally deleted files once you delete a document.


-The archiver functions nicely and stable but gives errors. When rar archives if rar is big, this occurs. ES Archiver packs all enough and unpacks, does not trigger ailments.


-I prefer the search engine, although a file search function is for the device. I believe of the I have explained, go to another participant at all.

Download: Es File Explorer Manager Pro Apk


Solid Explorer

Solid Explorer


-Since I wished to locate a substitute for ES Explorer I began to use this document recently. He was tired of me, and I needed something fresh. First Solid Explorer, of all, looked at me with animations, its beauty, and charm. When moving between the left and right”windows” (about them afterward), what neatly floats moving between directories, the line showing the route too easily slides. When you click the”function” button, then a panel with numerous choices appears on the display together with the impact of”fade-in”, which appears quite great. A reversal is of light to a motif.


-Now about its operation. By way of instance, the cache was downloaded by you and first of all, you want to unpack it. With a bang, Solid Explorer deals with this undertaking. Next, the folder in the archive file you want to proceed into the route, state scary / / android / / obb. To do this, in 1 window, then clamp on the document and choose”Cut”, change to the next window, then click”Tasks” at the bottom panel and choose the”Paste” option. Comfortable, is not it? Incidentally, should you use this file supervisor in picture mode, then you’ll see two”windows” simultaneously, which further simplifies working with documents. You can assign any directory which you want every time it begins to start. As an instance, your folder with photographs or audio.

-Among other differences from ES Explorer,the lack of its player and movie player should be indicated by a. But, is a text editor, and it’s pretty nicely done.

-Marking several files simultaneously to get a set operation, for example, “transferring” or”deleting,” happens by clicking on the document icon, which can be very handy. The document is created and you shouldn’t spare cash. You’re given a period of 14 weeks, Though to test of its capacities, the decision is yours to buy or not. The trick costs 65 rubles. Continuing on to another”patient”

Download: Solid Explorer Apk


Astro File Manager

Astro File Manager


-This program is acceptable for people who are searching to get an interface that is uncluttered it is simple to use and clear as you can. Unlike file supervisors, it doesn’t have any theme preferences, and it isn’t feasible to alter the color scheme.


-What I did not enjoy the most is that a grid perspective is used by Astro File Manager for every single folder. There is a view choice feature, but it’ll be implemented to the folder in when altered. In other words, if the”record” kind was selected in the origin of the memory card, and then the”grid” will nevertheless stay in the folder, by way of instance,”download”. As it’s so embarrassing for me to operate with documents, it makes me nervous.


-It will show one of the many”heavy folders”, which is, the ones that occupy the most space. ES Explorer includes a purpose that is similar. This chance was cheated by Solid Explorer. Astro File Manager includes its own”viewer” of pictures, but there’s not any audio player, exactly like a movie player. There’s absolutely no text editor.

-Once being clamped to a document, a context menu using a normal set of purposes, such as”rename/ backup/package to record” pops up well. Additionally a good lineup, which reveals the route. Like all preceding ones, it’s the power. The list of configurations is small, there are the simplest ones. I think with this particular description.

Download: Astro file manager Apk



-I believe it compares the 3 document managers’ fundamental functions. And we begin to compare with the port.


-In ES Explorer, everything is great, but it’s inferior in beauty. It might be done, although the Astro interface is created in colors.


-This is also executed, but this should be worked on by their programmers. Incidentally, the”windows” in the ES can be found only in the event that you use a tablet computer.


-Solid and Astro share the second position in this standards.


-ES Explorer wins. His trump card in this aspect is that the replacement of the colours of this ribbon, folders, desktop, you may place your picture on the background and also download themes.


-All file users encourage function using a cookie cutter, all done with cloud solutions.


-From the critique, I didn’t mention them for each such a characteristic as the existence of the language, since it’s in each of three. Where-not-where from Astro File Manager it’s well worth a bit to fix the text.


-Promotion is not in almost any program, which is great. Each of three triumphs.


-However, ES Explorer is certainly won by the cost. Despite its performance, a cent is not asked for this by the programmers! For Sound Explorer you need for your Astro File Manager, also to cover 65 rubles.


-Having carried out calculations, ES Explorer and Solid Explorer scored 4 points each, and Astro File Manager was just two. I will not opt for the best between ES and Sound, since it – operation or beauty. Astro is ideal for those who want simplicity. I really hope, having read my critique, I assisted you to make in what document to use an option.

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