Choosing Between Job Offers

Most people find difficulties when given an option to choose an offer from a multiple jobs. Always look for factors to consider before accepting the offer.

Steps to be followed

Job seekers usually experience problems when it comes to making a choice on which offer they should take from a multiple number of offers. Some end up losing both offers because of the poor decision they make. The first move that job seekers should do is to ensure that they have both offers in writing. This will build the ground for the next step upon which they will be able to learn how to make the best choice between the two offers. The step taken will give enough information that is needed in order to make a concrete decision. Once the job seekers are able to possess the offer document, they are required to follow the basic steps that will help one to organize his or her thoughts in order to avoid making decisions that will make one to regret in the future. The steps to be followed include;

  1. Dig Deep

As a job seeker always try to dig deeper for more information concerning the offer that you want. This will help to avoid later regrets. Job seekers can get this extra information from their co-workers and future bosses which will offer them more insights when it comes to making a decision on the best offer to grasp. Also, they can seek additional information concerning the job offer through online resources to help them on how to choose from a multiple job offers. For example, try to look for hints about the culture of the company, the work pace and the general points that are portraying the company as a good employer.

Digging deep will help to understand the culture of the company and the people you will be working with. In turn, this will affect your day to day activities and job satisfaction. Therefore, the job seekers are advised to consider how happy they will when they accept the offer. Always consider the environment and culture of the business. Does it give you an opportunity to advance yourself or does it make you feel that you are fit for the position or does it make you feel that you have a future in the company. If the environment is not conducive for all these aspects don’t accept the offer

  1. Prioritize

As a job seeker one is required to organize his or her needs in a sequential manner. , sometimes it becomes heavy to put all these in our heads and therefore advised to organize our thoughts in a written document that will help us to make the best decision towards accepting the job offer. For example, one is advised to start by organizing through writing down all the components of the compensation packages such as total income, the bonuses, profit sharing, reimbursement of tuition, and cover for healthcare among others. Always never miss to write about things that are non-monetary such as the culture of the company, rapport with your co-workers and your future bosses, the work arrangements flexibility and length of the commute. From the list of the items written choose only five to six items that you feel they matter most in your life. Put in mind those things that are short term and long term. After that start grading the companies that are offering the offer from grade one to ten for each of your priorities. The company that will score a high grade will be your best choice.

  1. Do a Gut Check

At this point the job seekers needs to ask themselves how does it feel when working in all  spaces whereby you interact freely with your co-workers and the clients, taking lunch together and commuting. Does the place make you feel yourself and honour your strengths and talents? If your feelings are strong for the same job, go ahead and make a phone call to accept the offer. Always understand that human instincts are always right and never look behind because you might lose a chance that was to change your life for the better.

  1. Be your own Advocates

Job seekers should not be forced or pressured to accept the job offers. Always try to convince your recruiters that you need more time and the reason as to why. If the company truly values their candidate rather than filling the vacancies with whoever they can find, they will grant you some time to come up with the best decision. But if the company doesn’t allow you some time, then you can answer yourself how they treat their quality candidates.


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