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Health Insurance

Health insurance is an insurance coverage type that covers the fee for a person’s medical and surgical expenses. Based on the kind of cover a person takes, the insured may or may not have to pay for any amount when he is operated in the hospital. A person who manages to get a percentage of the fee from cover and spends the rest form his pocket manages to get affordable health insurance. Moreover, people availing of insurance in groups also end up gaining affordable group health insurance.

In the health insurance area, the ‘provider’ is a hospital, a clinic, a doctor, a health care practitioner, a pharmacy or a laboratory. On the same verge, an ‘insured’ is a person who owns the health insurance policy. i.e., the one who holds the health insurance coverage. Just like you may look for cheap life insurance quotes online, it is easy to get an affordable group health insurance on the web too.

Countries like the USA, the health insurance is generally included in the employer benefit packages and is seen as a perk for the employment. This is one of the best ways to enjoy the perks of an affordable group health insurance.

Two Types of Managed Health Care Insurance

Broadly, there are two types of health plan insurance, i.e., Private Health Insurance and Public Health Insurance. Let’s find out what the two mean and how they differ.

  1. Private Health Insurance

The Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, CDC states that the healthcare in the US is majorly dependent on the private health insurance covers. Almost 58% of the Americans hold some sort of private health plan insurance cover.

  1. Public Health Insurance/ Government Health Insurance

This is a coverage provided by the state. However, the premiums are still collected. The National Health Service (NHS) in the United Kingdom offers free healthcare medical services to its citizens. But, it is not a type of health insurance coverage since it does not collect premiums. We can call it a sort of universal health cover.

Medicare is a popular form of public health insurance in the USA. It is a national federal social insurance program in the country specifically for the disabled or people over 65 years of age. Medicaid is another program that is funded by the federal government and the individual states jointly. The SCHIP aims at the children and the families who cannot afford a private insurance and are also not under the Medicaid cover. There are many more health plan insurance programs in the US such as TRICARE, the Indian Health Service, the Veterans Health Administration, etc.

What are managed Health Care Insurance Plans in Healthcare Management

The Managed care plans are a type of health insurance plans where the medical facilities and the healthcare management is in a contract to offer medical care at lower rates. These medical providers form a planned network. This network consists of its own rules stipulating how much the planned care shall pay for.

There are flexible as well as restrictive plans in the healthcare management. While the flexible plans are much expensive, the restrictive plans cost less to the insured. Health Maintenance Organisations, HMOs generally pay only for the care if you use any of the providers in the network.

A general practitioner, i.e., the primary health care doctor coordinates the patient’s care. The Preferred provider organizations, PPOs on the other hand cover more cost if the insurer opts for a provider within the network. They even pay some money for providers not a part of the network. Point-of-service, POS healthcare management plans allow the people to choose between PPO and HMO each and every time one needs care.

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act

The Us healthcare system brought a significant reform on 23rd March that changed the manner of people getting health insurance coverage. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act made it mandatory for each American to undergo a medical provision. Else they’d be liable to a fine.

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