6 Tips For Parents On Coping Through Exam Stress

  • How to deal with the worry of your child going through exam stress.

Worries are a part of everyday stress in our lives.

It allows us grow and understand more of who we are.  Yet the way we deal with worry over stress can be twice as detrimental to our health especially when the topic is our own children.


When it comes to worry the way to cope is to stay CALM and RELAXED.


Why?  Because 50% of our worries never happen and 40% of our worries are never as bad as they seem. So there is only 10% to worry about!


You see when you carry worries you are filled with confusion and lack of focus. This in part is not beneficial when you need to be there to help and support your children in a positive way.


How to deal with your worries


  1. Write your worries on paper and place them in a box.
  2. Once a day for 30 mins go back to the paper and decide.
  3. Has the worry been handled?
  4. If yes – destroy the paper.
  5. If no – what action needs to be taken today?
  6. And take that action.
  7. If you need to keep it to work on it.
  8. Put it back in the box and forget it until tomorrow.


By writing them out on paper you are making them less likely to remain in your mind. It clears your head to focus on what you need to do to help your children to get through this important time of their life.


Implementing these techniques allows you to then establish healthy stress management behaviors.  When you are calm and relaxed you can move forward MAKING THE BEST DECISIONS from love.


  • Does hopelessness arise from the fact that you aren’t able to take some of the pressure away?


The more parents feel they have to alleviate the pressure, the more they have to keep on doing it.  I am sure you will agree with me, it’s exhausting and draining.


There is a time in your children’s life when you let go of the obligations so they can grow. Grow through the everyday create success from stress of feeling that they are in a hopeless situation.


They have the RESOURCES WITHIN to get through exams.  What they need is uplifting and shown how to take positive action to use their resources in a more productive way.


Here are some tips to help and support your children by intentionally managing their time.


  • Did you know what distraction causes?
  • It increases the time necessary to complete the task by as much as 25%.
  • The more your children focus on spending 90-120 minutes the more efficient.
  • Make it priority to determine what subject is important to them to spend time on.


By assisting them to TAKE POSITIVE ACTION make sure they celebrate too along the way.



  • How to stop being anxious as your own children go through the exams.


Taking on the anxiousness of your children as they go through their exams is another way you feel you can relieve them of the big workload they have to handle.  Some students cannot deal with overwhelm and throw their hands up avoiding the work ahead.  Others go through it overthinking and over analysing how they are going to get through.


Here is where parents need to let go of being anxious. Do this by taking on an important role to SEE THE FUTURE. Help them see a bigger picture of where they are going and the stepping stones that are required along the way.


  • Fearing uncertainty of whether they will pass and be accepted.


Life is full of the unknown and BUILDING THE TRUST while going through this is part of growing up.


There are certain things we can control in life and self is the one thing we do have full control of.   When we fear their outcome we unconsciously attract more fear into their world.


Here are some effective simple tips to be able to feel more confident about their outcome.


  • Take the word uncertainty and turn it into a FIELD OF OPPORTUNITIES.
  • Be calm and relaxed this behaviour will reflect in them.
  • Know that they will be supported not only by you but also in other ways.
  • Elevating your emotions will give you clarity into making the best decisions for them.


  • Create a balance in their lives.


Introducing a healthy balance physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually will help them through for all future challenges in life.  This helps them develop their own PERSONAL POWER.  When they have more energy and personal power it makes it possible for them to get more done in less time.


Here are some easy and effective rituals to establish in these 4 areas.


Physical Power


Exercise and Nutrition are two powerful physical actions that can keep their personal power at a high level.


  • Daily exercise improves the brain function and increases energy levels.


  • Eating a balanced diet is vital for them to grow and function efficiently.


Emotional Power


  • Fuel up with positive emotions, several times a day.


Mental Power


Have the power to:


  • Focus on what outcomes they want not what they don’t want.
  • Believe in themselves and their capabilities and talents.


Spiritual Power


The more they stay in their personal power the more they are in tune with their inner knowing.


This will allow them to decide whether something does or does not feel right and it is easier for them to make decisions from that.


  • Open them up to Options.


Expanding their awareness by giving them ideas and inspirations outside their normal capabilities helps them to ignite and grow.

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