4 Smart Online Shopping Hacks for Saving Money & Time

Online Shopping

After much of emphasizing and awareness-drive on saving money while shopping online, we are further writing this blog post to educate our fellow readers in order to let them save money & time both while doing online shopping and this is why we have come up today with these 4 smart online shopping hacks:

Shop during Wednesday-Friday

Just as is the case with traditional shopping, online shopping websites have some days fixed when it comes to blessing shoppers with amazing deals. And those days are Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. And you’d be amazed to know that the inventories are updated with new articles during these three days the most. So, grabbing great promo codes and having a lot of variety to shop from is a dream come true to online shoppers.

Pay Using Credit Cards. Avoid Debit Cards

Pay Using Credit Cards

If you’re a frequent payer of your credit card overdue, we recommend that you carry your online shopping transactions via credit cards instead of a debit card. The thing is, getting a refund via a credit card is whole lot quicker in comparison to a debit card. This is more of a precautionary and time-saving hack and we found very necessary to include it in our round-up of 4 online shopping hacks.

Stuff Your Shopping Cart and Leave Without Checking Out

Shopping Cart

This is termed as “abandoned shopping carts”. Whenever you put an item in your shopping cart and leave the website without checking out, your items remain in your cart until you finally check out. This gets into the view of the customer support team or the website owner, and thus they may contact you for making a purchase of those cart items. It is exactly when you can demand great discounts from the customer support team, or they may offer you themselves without even asking, just for the sake of retaining a customer (you). Just be sure that you have registered for an account on that online shopping website so that all your contact details such as e-mail address are kept saved in the website’s database.

Demand Discounts from Live Chat Support Staff

Live Chat Support Staff

The customer support staff members prompting you for assistance at online shopping websites such as We Bulk Sale can be a great opportunity for you. Use it wisely. Show your interest in a particular product and ask them for discount codes while showing your ego off by pretending that the price of that particular product is over-priced and that it is available for a cheaper price elsewhere. They’d definitely provide you discount codes to retain you. And there you made it!

Combine these 4 smart online shopping hacks and we’re sure you’ll save a heck of time & money ☺


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