3 Miracle Foods that Burn Fat

Miracle Foods

Scientific studies have found that eating certain foods help you to lose body fat where others who don’t eat those same foods, don’t get the same results – even when all other factors in the equation are the same! Let’s look at 3 miracle foods that burn fat according to science:



Beans are a super food and one of the 3 miracle foods that burn fat and will help you lose body fat faster. They are high in protein and carbohydrates. Beans take a while to digest and your body longer to process them. This is a great benefit to lose body fat because it keeps your blood sugar stable keep you feeling satisfied longer.

Their other claim to being a superfood is their high level of fiber. Fiber keeps your internals running efficiently, and it stops your blood glucose levels from spiking too high. Plain beans are the best choice to lose weight as they are free from added salt, sugar and fats –  these types of beans will add many more calories and simple carbs and negate your efforts to lose body fat. Follow more health related blog such as going organic food : why and how?

Skim Milk

Skim Milk

Calcium is one of the most popular proven metabolism boosters and another one of the 3 miracle foods that burn fat. Studies show that calcium causes you to lose body fat faster. For example, two different groups were tested on this theory. Both groups did everything the same, the only difference being that one group was given additional several servings of calcium every day. Amazingly, the group who were given the calcium lost nearly triple the weight than the group who did not ingest the extra calcium.

Dairy products are the best for calcium intake. Choose products made from less than 2% fat or fat-free milk. That way you get the highest rate of calcium for the lowest intake of calories to lose body fat. Broccoli is a good source too, and so are sardines.

Green Tea

Green tea is another of the 3 miracle foods that burn fat. Its loaded with antioxidants and they are known to reduce cancerous free radicals in the body. Its modest caffeine content is a good compromise for those coffee drinkers looking for a healthy alternative to lose body fat.

Green tea caffeine content is just enough to give that lift to your heart rate and metabolism without putting unnecessary or unhealthy stress on your body. Its mild diuretic properties mean its effective in getting rid of retained fluid in the body. People who drink 4 – 6 cups of green tea a day lose body fat faster than those who don’t drink it.

And Remember Water!


Water is not on the 3 miracle foods that burn fat list but it is important in the process of how to lose body fat. It dilutes sodium, meaning less bloating, it pushes retained fluid out of our bodies, promotes healing, and drinking it can suppress appetite. It is also effective in maintaining optimum body metabolism – an important factor to lose body fat.

Kidneys filter water and in turn eliminate toxins and waste fluids from the body. Lots of water means healthy kidneys. However, if not enough water is consumed the liver is the backup plan.

This secondary filtration system is not something you want to rely on, however. The livers’ job is to turn used fat into energy. So if it has to support the kidneys, it cannot metabolize fat as efficiently as it is designed and intended to do. Drinking plenty of water saves the liver back up function, and importantly gives you optimum metabolism and capacity to lose body fat faster.

These 3 miracle foods that burn fat, combined with lots of water, are a great combination to lose body fat faster. Start consuming foods that burn fat. Drink more water each day, and you will be well on the way to successfully and permanently lose body fat, and you will be much healthier for it as well!

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