10 Romantic Gift Ideas For Your Girlfriend Or Wife

10 Romantic & Inexpensive Gift Ideas for Your Girlfriend or Wife

Giving a gift to your beloved wife or girlfriend requires days of searching to find out the best gift for her. Many times you just want to gift her something without any particular occasion, just to make her feel special and to remind her how much she means to you. Gifting dresses, bags, shoes, jewelries might seem boring because you have done that often and this time you want to give her something else, something more meaningful. Sometimes budget also becomes a factor. YOU may have your monthly installments and LIC premiums to spend for and after providing the family expenses, you are running out of money to buy something expensive for her. On such occasions simple yet meaningful and economical gifts can serve the purpose. So here are 10 such ideas of romantic and inexpensive gifts which you can gift your beloved wife or girlfriend and make her go crazy over you once again:


  1. Flowers:

    Flowers can never get old-fashioned or cliché when you want to gift them to the lady of your life. Make a beautiful bouquet of her favorite red roses or a combination of a variety of flowers and ass some customized gifts with it like notes, or cards expressing how much you love her. You can send flowers to Delhi, Mumbai or any other part of India online just by a click on the computer. You can also surprise her by keeping your identity hidden and later you can reveal the fact that it’s you who has sent her the flowers. Flowers are not expensive gift but with their beauty and fragrance add value to any relationship when gifted

    Hand-written letter

  2. Hand-written letter :

    It’s not that you always have to purchase something to make her happy. You can pen down your feelings and emotions about her in hand-written letters and gift it to her when she is least expecting them. Letters can help someone relive memories and make them nostalgic. With the advent of mobiles and computer, letters are gradually losing their charm as people are more interested to send messages virtually. But as it is said “Old is Gold”, hand-written letters have their own specialty and if they come from someone whom you love the most, they can surely brighten up your day.

    soft toys in a child bedroom

  3. Soft Toys :

    Girls are extremely fond of soft toys. A small teddy-bear or cat or a dog is enough to brighten up the day of your beloved wife or girlfriend


  4. Photo-collage :

    You can collect your old and new photographs with her, photos she enjoy seeing over and over again and make a beautiful collage of them, You can also put them inside a hand-made frame and add some personalized messages or hand-written notes to it , and remind her of the happy times you had together. Trust me she will dance with joy.


  5. Portrait :

    If you can draw well or there’ s a friend of yours who can, take their help and make a beautiful portrait of her from one of her best photographs, frame it in a hand-made frame and gift it to her and then see the twinkle in her eyes. To see oneself in someone’s drawing is an elating experience and this can be one of the most romantic yet economical gifts you can give her.

    Hand-made Cake or Chocolates

  6. Hand-made Cake or Chocolates :

    You might not be a great chef but you can definitely Google the recipes or goggle into recipe books to make her favorite desserts-pastries, chocolates, cookies , whichever she enjoys eating and wrap it in a nice box and gift it to her. Women get inexplicably happy when the men in their life tries to cook something for them, and if it is her favorite sweet, what else can she ask for!


  7. Books :

    If she enjoys reading, nothing can make her happier than a good book. Research and find out the latest best selling romantic novel and gift it to her. You can get a lot of discount if you purchase online. Books are one of the best online gifts which can be purchased at an affordable price. A love story can never fail to rekindle the spark in your relationship.

    Hand printed T-shirts

  8. Hand printed T-shirts:

    You can buy white coloured simple T-shirt of her size and then put paint of any deep color in your palms like red, blue etc and imprint them at the front size of the T-Shirt. Whenever she will be wearing the T-shirt, will be carrying your hand-marks on her heart and will make your bond stronger.

    Tickets to Vacation

  9. Tickets to Vacation:

    Your wife or girlfriend might be forcing you for a long time to take her to a holiday to her favorite destination and you were procrastinating so long, giving excuses of work pressure. But if you really want to make her happy and spend some quality time together, look out for common holidays , make the plan and surprise her with the flight tickets just a night before the journey. Nothing can be more romantic this.

    Candle-light dinner

  10. Candle-Light Dinner:

    If you think you have eaten out a lot, and want to do something unique try this one. Get home earlier than her, arrange for a table at the terrace or balcony, cook her favorite dishes and put scented candles on the table. When she comes, take her to the table and surprise her with a mouth –watering dinner made by you amidst the stars. She will not be able to ask for anything else.

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