10 Incredible Benefits of Castor Oil for Your Skin, Hair and Overall Health

Benefits of Castor Oil

Ever since I was a young girl, I have repeatedly suffered from a number of skin and hair conditions. My parents put the blame for my on-again/off-again health issues to bad genetics. Both of them had several diabetics and heart patients on their sides of the families. And so they reasoned that my health scares were just the latest types of illnesses to afflict the clan. But ever since I started researching on my condition – thanks to my Cox bundle deals internet plan – I’ve learned that my DNA is only partly responsible. The polluted everyday environment that I live in causes my ailments to flare up.


Discovering Castor Oil – a Natural Cure

Through my ‘health readings’, I soon came to discover that nature had an inexpensive remedy for people like me called Castor Oil. And counting this year, I’ve been constantly applying and drinking this goldish substance for the last 10 years. During this period, my skin has softened and firmed up, and my hair is silky like a doll’s. My overall energy levels have dramatically improved, and my body generally looks & feels amazing.


10 Health Benefits of Castor Oil

In this post, I’ll list 10 amazing health benefits of using castor oil.

Castor oil has been widely studied in many clinical studies for its safety-of-usage in controlled daily doses. And the bulk of these trials have found it to be a safe option for long-term therapy.

So if you don’t already have it tucked away inside your bedside drawer or car dashboard, I’d recommend that you make some room. Because once you start using this health miracle, you may soon find yourself practically hoarding castor oil packages from your dealer.

And that’s a bet I’m willing to take!


  1. Powerful Skin Moisturizer and Hydrating Agent

If you have dry or flaky skin and are afraid of using expensive moisturizing products on it, try castor oil. Rich in a natural substance called ricinoleic acid, the oil covers the skin completely to lock in its natural moisture. And since castor oil is cheaply available in many supermarkets all across the globe, you can even choose to rub it over your entire body.

Many expert beauticians like to rub castor oil in their custom makeup products. Some even like to mix it up with almond, olive, coconut and fish oils to achieve a more lubricating effect.


  1. Hair Follicle and Dye Protection

Hair follicles, like skin, have a tendency to dry out with aging. When this happens, hair loses its luster and shine. It becomes brittle and tends to split easily at the ends. By rubbing in castor oil once every week, you can greatly minimize the risk of this happening. And if you like to dye your hair in different colors, the oil can also help you to retain the shade for longer timeframes.

Some women (and men) like to untangle their hair with hot follicle straighteners. When used without a suitable serum, these devices can actually damage hair roots. For these individuals, castor oil can be applied as a cheap protecting fluid against excessive heat.


  1. Quick Constipation Relief

Castor oil has been used in the traditional folk medicine of many cultures for centuries. Its instantaneous laxative effect comes from its linoleic acid composition. This compound is readily absorbed by the cells of the large intestine, which increase in the frequency of their bowel movements.

Some clinical studies have even demonstrated the efficacy of the oil in helping elderly individuals during defecation.


  1. Wound Recovery

Wounds require a moist environment for their healing. And if they dry out too suddenly, they can become prone to infection again. Many natural health care practitioners use castor oil as a natural alternative to pharmaceutical gels to provide wounds with some necessary hydration.


  1. Acne Aid

Castor oil selectively competes with the skin’s natural oils, which cause acne to flare up in some people with sensitive skin. The oil can be used as both a preventative and acute treatment aid.


  1. Scalp Hydration

A dry scalp, for those people like me who suffer from it, is as worrying as wilting follicles. Applying a tablespoon of castor oil on it before going to bed is a great way of keeping it hydrated.


  1. Inflammation Defense

The linoleic acid in castor oil also exhibits some antioxidant activity. Because of this, it is ideal for keeping the body safe from free radical attack – the cause of body-wide inflammation. Taking 2 teaspoons of castor oil before going to sleep every day is a good way to shore up your antioxidant defenses.


  1. Antifungal Effect

Castor oil has a powerful antifungal effect on the skin. Many hospital cancer wards keep it in their medicinal cupboards for patients with mucosal fungal problems.


  1. Sore Throat Balm

In south Indian villages, many people drink pure castor oil extracts as a sore throat balm and tonic.


  1. Burn Ointment

In some clinical trials, topical castor oil applications have been shown to reduce the symptoms of pain in burn victims. In the TV documentary Trial by Fire, watchable with Cox TV Online, this particular usage of the oil is detailed at length.

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