Expertly Crafted Knives

If you are a devoted knife lover, you know the difference a well-crafted blade can make.

Whether it is regular chores or a full-blown adventure trip, knives are the perfect companions of convenience.

Different kinds of blades can make your life easier and speed up complicated tasks. The best place to find a large number of quality knives is online retailers.

It is essential that something as handy as a knife is made from the best materials and has a long life.

There are various local stores that carry a good selection of knives for sale but look online if you want the best products.

One of the best retail stores you can search for is Knife Import. With hundreds of designs and task-based blades, you will find what you are looking for on their website.

You can go through this handy guide and what to expect and what to buy from their store.

What Kind Of Knives To Buy For Different Tasks?

Two major categories can encapsulate all kinds of knives;

  • Pocket Knives 

This category would have all the Knives that have shorter blades and are small enough to fit in tight spaces.
These blades are usually made for daily use and light carrying, so they’re safe for traveling and household chores. Everything from a penknife to a small razor knife will be the pocket variety. 

  • Fixed Blade Knives
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Any blade including swords and machetes to the regular chef’s knife comes under this category.
Unlike pocket blades, a fixed blade knife is usually larger and needs a protective sheath when carried long somewhere. For heftier, messier tasks, you should use a fixed blade that can endure pressure and constant wear and tear. 

Good Knives For Your Varied Tasks and Chores

Each activity you want to do involving a blade demands a different kind of design and workability. That is determined by the frequency of use and the money you want to spend on a knife. Here are some knives you can purchase according to your individual vices. 

  • Tac-Force Rescue Folder Spring Assisted Knife – Wood Insert

This blade is one of the best-selling automatic knives by Tac Force available to you online. The blade is a pointed, short edge suitable for odd jobs like carving, slicing, and prying open locks. It also comes with its pocket clip, rope cutter, and glass breaker, so it’s the ideal emergency knife.  

  • Mtech Pocket Knife with Bottle Opener Spring Assisted Knife Black Blue

One of the best things about pocket knives is their size, which makes them perfect for self-defense. These spring assisted knives open with one hand so you can use them easily when you’re in trouble. They’re also perfect for camping and outdoor use since they have durable steel blades and built-in extra tools. 

  • Elk Ridge Hunting Knife 14 Inch Fixed Blade Knife Brown Pakkawood
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The real strength and utility of a good fixed blade are mirrored in the quality Elk Ridge hunting knives. This blade is among dozens that you will find online at a reasonable price. This knife is handy in varied situations, for messy butchering and skinning of hunted game. 

  • American Flag Design Fixed Blade Knife 12.5 Inch Survival Knife

Hunting is not the only outdoor activity that can get messy. Survival training requires you to make do in the wild with the natural elements. The training includes sourcing food, chopping wood for the fire, hiking through thick forests, and tackling wild animals.
This survival knife is the perfect companion for that; it features a double blade with saw serrations for cutting wood and bone. The nylon sheath and rubber handle make this knife more durable.

Cool Knives For Collection In Your Showcase 

Some knives are best for their function, and some are loved for their design. Collectibles are the best combination of both. Blade lovers have an obsession with collecting high-quality knives that look good and are useful. If you want to start a collection as well, there are plenty of suitable options you can go for. You can get these innovatively designed, fun knives to add to your showcase.  

  • Throwing Knives 7.5 Inch Dragon Design 2 Piece Throwing Knife Set
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Perhaps the best example of a fixed blade, pocket-sized items are throwing knives. They are used for trickery and performance and were initially used to confuse enemies in pursuit. Nowadays, throwing knives are hot-selling collectibles; that’s why this imaginative dragon design knife set is a much-wanted product.

  • Pocket Knife with Tando Blade Spring Assisted Knife Crane

Smaller knives are more comfortable and more fun to customize. That’s why you will find wackier designs in pocket knife varieties. This beautiful straight-edged blade also has a gold-trimmed, crane-design handle that can make someone’s perfect gift.

What Appeals To Professionals And Enthusiasts Alike? Cheap Knives 

One of the biggest motivations for buying knives online is the prices. Unlike local store collections that are limited and costly, online retailers give you fair wholesale costs for the same products. If you’re buying for your business or your personal collection, you need a reasonable bargain on all knives.

Buying from online stores gives you the liberty to browse through an extensive collection before making a choice. You can compare prices across various websites and buy at the lowest price possible. High-quality blades don’t need to have high price tags. The abundant options of top-selling knives at Knife Import prove just that. 

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