5 Best Gaming Laptops 2020

The world is filled with “gaming aficionados,” people, mostly young, who love to play games on their laptops.

Happily, for these people, there are many great choices available.

There is, however, one negative: most of the best gaming laptops tend to be costly … very expensive.

5 Best Gaming Laptops

The best gaming laptops merit the praise they receive for these reasons: they include high-performance processors … fully dedicated graphics … cards … and scads and scads of system memory.

Incorporate all of those features into a gaming laptop and you have what gamers want – a dynamic and fun-to-use gaming system.

Add to that the fact that the best gaming laptops use dual or quad processors and the finished product – the gaming laptop – virtually assures you, its owner, that you will enjoy awesome sound and visuals – and truly great gaming performance.

It all sounds so simple.

And yet, relatively few manufacturers have been able to produce gaming laptops that measure up.

Those that can be called “top-of-the-line” generally also feature a steep price tag. No matter.

Gamers, at least the majority of them, are willing to pay Big Bucks for the chance to enjoy continuously great online gaming experiences.

Here are some of the very best gaming laptops, based on the opinions and insights of professional reviewers. They are as follows …

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(1) Dell Alienware M17X ($4,749 approx.) …

This very “pricey” gaming laptop is a “game lover’s paradise” simply because it’s loaded with all of the “bells and whistles” that lead up to a great and memorable gaming experience.

Alienware has long been at the forefront of online gaming and this gaming laptop definitely does not disappoint those who purchase it.

The problem: not every game lover can fit this package into his or her budget.

(2) Rock Xtreme 780 x9100 ($4,000 approx.) …

If you’re not familiar with the name, it’s because the game – and its manufacturer – come from the United Kingdom (UK).

That’s right … this is a British invention. Somewhat less costly than Alienware, it is still a budget-buster, but it is also remarkably popular in England and throughout Europe.

It is worth your attention … if you can fit it into your budget.

(3) Gateway P-7811FX (around $1449) …

You can call this top-notch gaming laptop a budget-saver, although it still will set you back well over $1,000.

Compared to the other laptops mentioned here, this offering is an outright bargain. You can consider it an inexpensive alternative … and, perhaps, a “Best Buy.”

(4) Sager NP9262 (approx. $5,879) …

This is the top-of-the-line when it comes to gaming laptops.

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The price dwarfs all of the other laptops mentioned here.

Nevertheless, if you can afford it, you will love it – it’s absolutely packed with the kinds of features that make gamers – like you – smile.

(5) Dell Alienware M17x(5) Dell XPS M1730 Laptop (about $4,000) …

This is another offering from Dell, a company that most gamers tend to avoid. But, if you’re interested in enjoying consistently good gaming experiences, you can consider this great-looking and high-performance gaming laptop. It will not disappoint you.

It goes almost without saying that many, many other gaming laptops are available, some of which are dramatically less expensive than the ones listed in this article.

The laptops noted here are among the very best … and the most expensive.

If the price is a factor, consider less costly alternatives.

You’ll find many other best gaming laptops you can buy – simply by conducting an online search.

So, whether you opt for one of the models listed here or another – make your selection. And let the games begin.

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